Blog share: North Van Caregivers

I came across this blog recently; North Van Caregivers, as I searched for blogs recently related to caregivers. Although this company is not based in the UK, I have still found this blog helpful and I wanted to share it here, because of that.

North Van Caregivers blog is “conversations and inspiration for unpaid caregivers,” as it says underneath the title of their blog. Reading their about page, it introduces their Northshore Community Resources, where I see they are based in North Vancouver. They offer support and information to those providing unpaid care to a friend or family member. So if you are in North Vancouver and an unpaid carer, you may want to check them out.
But even if you are not, their blog I feel is valuable, so do take a read of their blog and comment there, in their posts, which they encourage you to do, because as they say, “We think the written word is a powerful way to share ideas and inspiration, and we invite you to join in the exchange here.”

But because they are not based in the UK, just bear in mind they cannot help in regards to UK care stuff, but I felt their content they share helps you as a carer, especially the emotional stuff and life as a caregiver.

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