Chit-chat March

This post is mainly more of an update on past months, than a chit-chat for this month.

As you know, the council from district I left ended up apologising. But as I said I would, I would take it further higher up, to make sure they knew. I received a letter of this acknowledgment in how they go about when things go wrong and that they knew of this error. When things go wrong in a way that it shouldn’t, as well as the staff member that would have been spoken to, they also use it for training purposes to ensure it doesn’t happen again. The letter ended with an apology for the upset it caused me. There is nothing else to pursue with this, as I have got what I wanted, which was acknowledgement of their mistake and an apology. So case closed.

The energy company I was with continued to cause me stress and anxiety as you know and last month I sent a letter signed for about those two complaints.
In the meantime, I decided to follow people’s advice and move away from them. As much as I did not want the further stress of moving suppliers, I did not want the anxiety of staying with a supplier who has given me no reason to trust.
I have moved to Octopus Energy for both my gas and electric after observing them since last year. I have to say moving to them wasn’t stressful, thanks to Octopus Energy being helpful prior and when I chose to go with them. Their service has felt personal, because of the way they reply to their emails. You know they definitely have been reading your emails and there is not pre-recorded set tone to them, like previous provider. If I continue to be happy with Octopus Energy when I come to moving, I am definitely taking them with me.

Form went back to my local council end of last month for details and reasons of my mum now needing to live with me. I had to provide evidence, which a consultant off the ward provided me.
I learnt recently that I am now at Band 2 on the housing list for taking new considerations in to need, but I had to write back to them to request that I still be allowed to pick properties in Mansfield. This was because it said in letter that as applicant needs to move on welfare grounds, then properties are restricted to their local authority area, which as in this case is Ashfield. As you know, I longed to move to Mansfield and I have no intentions of moving back, so I have written a letter as it said, to request Mansfield. I explained why too, even though this was not asked for. My friend thinks it should not be a problem. I hope so, because if not, I will fight the decision.

Mum is back on the mental health ward, since post, A distraction for mum. I am glad it turned out there was a bed for her back here.

I quit Twitter again. Lol. Twitter I used for personal use, even though when on it at one point quite a lot, I did share some of my blog posts while there. Twitter I used for keeping an eye on local news, which I started my Twitter account after a fire at some bungalows started where my mum lived, to check mum would be ok and find out how it started.
After using Twitter to air my views publicly towards Spark Energy and to see how other people were reacting towards them, to see if they were having the same issues as me, which they were, Twitter I hardly go on again, like before. And as mum will be living with me one day soon and not following local news on there regular, it came to a point I felt the need to close it.

I learnt something new and that was how to use my oil burner correctly. I never realised you had to add water to the burner, before adding your drops of oil. So since before last Christmas, I have been using it wrong, until now. I only realised this because I tried a different fragrance and this one compared to my other one, this one had instructions for its different uses. I then checked by googling and it confirmed to me just how wrong I had been using it. My oil will now last longer, as well as controlling the fragrance better.

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    1. Thank you.
      I don’t plan to uproot from where I now live and mum is happy to have a fresh start in Mansfield, so if I do have issues, I will fight it. I am moving back to area I left last October, so I hope it doesn’t come to any issues and they accept my request to stay the same. I class Mansfield as my home and I would like my mum to find her own path living in Mansfield, by finding what she likes. Xx

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      1. I wish could take care of my mother. However, because she resides in Florida and I live in New Jersey, it makes it difficult.
        Actually, if it weren’t for my medling wicked sister, I would have been able to so, but she moved my mother into a place where I would have to be able to be 55 years of age, and I couldn’t bring my beloved Peanut with me.

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  1. You’ve had so much going on but it also sounds quite positive and productive, and more a case of waiting to hear back about quite a few things. I’ve more recently joined Twitter for my blog & it confuses the hell out of me. Not sure if I’ll stay but after all these years of avoiding it curiosity finally got the better of me.
    What fragrances are you using in your oil burner?
    I hope this week ahead is a good one for you lovely.xx

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    1. Thank you. 🙂

      There is no harm in trying Twitter for your blog and seeing if it’s for you.
      Yes, it’s been positive to say lots has been going on and me having the odd moments. After my biggest meltdown of all last week, I hope that is the worst for me over with. Now I have written this letter, I just need to give it a couple of weeks and hopefully when I receive a reply, all works out well. I thought while I was writing that, that I query on something else too, so will have an answer on that so I know what to expect, which helps my mum.

      I have used lavender in the past and plan to buy another. But currently I have a lemon one going and last week I was using a Wilkos sweet strawberry and red fruits on my oil burner. It was when using that one that I realised I did it all wrong and from that when I googled it to re-check what the bottle said. Xx 🙂

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