Miley – one year you are gone

Today is one year you’re gone and it’s hard to believe that it’s one year already, with last year going so fast.
My heart still aches at times, for the love you once gave. It’s took since November to be able to look at my special canvas print of you, without crying.

There are still signs of when you were once here; the threads pulled on cheap jeans, marks at the end of the settee where you cheekily clawed a few times, a blanket that has threads pulled from when you used to produce on it, before settling down to sleep.

I will never forget the love, you gave.

RIP Miley. XX


The photo below, was taken a couple of years ago.

My cat Miley on my lap

9 thoughts on “Miley – one year you are gone

  1. Aww. I am so sorry Liz. I totally relate. Mine is dogs, but we list our Asha and our Jade and I still cry too. Lots of love to you xxxx

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    1. It’s easier than it has been, but I can’t believe it’s a year already. Time has flew by with the different things that have been happening. Xx

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    1. I knew this first year would be strange with everything that has been going on since having her put to sleep. But it still don’t feel real that a year has gone without her.
      I’m ok, thank you. Xx


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