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So my earlier post of today felt like a rant, that I needed to get off my chest. Something I did hold back from doing. The letter to my local MP felt like a rant/negativity of my life which can so easily knock your moods down. The past month I long for some kind of fur baby to cuddle. But I can’t afford it. So my mind has to be distracted else where and this post and what I talk about in this post, is my distraction. 🙂

I have been making sure I make time to colour. This is especially important for me to do, since beginning of this year, making sure I am not too distracted by other things that I forget to take this time out.

Bird picture I have been colouring in

Floral picture I have been colouring in and to finish off.

I have also played about with watercolours today, which I have not done this, since my teens.


I also set myself a challenge with my watercolours today, by seeing what I could with a photo of a tulip using watercolour. This inspirational challenge came from Ally, over at Ally’s Notebook, in her post, “My art challenge in progress.” Ally is done hers using pastels. The photo of the tulip had such lovely colours.

This was my first attempt using the watercolours I own. I am happy with my first attempt, but I shall revisit and  do this one again later, when I have a brighter pink watercolour. (The colour is probably looking brighter on your computer screen, than how I see it physically on my paper, as it seems to me also brighter on-screen.) I shall do a different background, when I make another attempt of this. I knew the background would be an issue for me, but I have still enjoyed giving it a go.


I look forward to trying new things with my watercolours.

21 thoughts on “Chit-chat extra

  1. Hello, your art work is looking great. Your pink tulip is looking awesome, well done. I love the colours and shades. I hope you got as much enjoyment working on your challenge as I did. On Tuesday I go back to class ready for the next project. Have a wonderful day my friend. Cheers Ally xx

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    1. Thanks for popping over and taking a look. I really did enjoy it and found it relaxing. The background I had problems with as I expected, but I like my tulip and I will certainly revisit this and create a new one, but with a plain background of some colour. Xx


  2. I also like to color but don’t do it as often as I would like. I used to watercolor with my kids, but I don’t have much aptitude for it. Still, it was fun and I enjoyed letting my creative side out for a romp. I’m glad that you are doing the same!

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  3. Oh what fun and good for you to have and exciting challenge with self. Nice colorings and wonderful watercolor paintings. Very nice! Bringing out the ‘teen-kid’ in you? (smiles)

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  4. I’m glad you’re still making sure to fit in time to relax and de-stress with colouring, and considering that was your first attempt with your own watercolours, I think you did brilliantly, a beautiful flower. I’m horrible with watercolours, they don’t like me at all. You’ve had so much hassle and palaver to deal with, but I think you did well getting it all out and to your MP and facing it all head-on. Breathe a sigh of relief that you’ve done all that you can for now on that front. What do you want to try next with your watercolours? xx

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    1. I have bought the brighter pink watercolours. Mum’s treat, so shall be doing another with those, with a different background. Afterwards, I would like to do a daffodil or two, then try some scenic views. Xx

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    1. Thank you. I am really happy with my first attempts. I had no time for thinking, as very distracted on doing these and just concentrate on this. I enjoyed it.
      I have my brighter pink paints, so shall do another tulip painting with them and see what that is like. 🙂

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