I hope it’s not going to get more difficult this year

As you know, since January, it’s been difficult money-wise. Even the overtime I did the other month that appeared on my pay slip in March did not make things easy as I thought they would.

Yesterday, I received a letter from my local council that I was no longer entitled to council tax reduction. No explanation why. If I want to find out, just write. Why don’t they save themselves time and just say why in original letter?
No suggestions to bring in April wage slip. So a letter has been written ready for Monday, that I will take in personally to the reception, to get passed on to appropriate department begging not to close my account down yet because when you have my April pay slip, you will see I am still entitled to it from that month.
The letter is much longer than just that though, explaining how they already know I am only on a contract of 16 hours per week from every wage slip they have had so far, they will know my wages vary depending on if I do overtime or not and that mostly I have been entitled to it, since being with them.
I wrote that I assume the letter was based on March wage slip for it stopping, but as they already know this is not permanent hours, this is overtime, so not to close it and wait till they have April wage slip, because they will see I am entitled to it then, as I have had no overtime since up to writing that letter.

The letter sent says it takes up to two months to look at it if you write back to appeal, but I wrote at the end of my letter that I would like to hear within the month to know what I am doing. Like if I have to go through palaver of filling in a form to apply for council reduction again, which if that is the case then it doesn’t give me an incentive to do overtime where I can, with an employer I like to work for, until I can get more permanent hours in addition elsewhere, just so I am not short unexpectedly, with overtime being so random.

I also have a letter ready to post, to my local MP in a lot of matters that affect me:

  • My money difficulties since January
  • Why I won’t claim Universal Credit for the fear I am in a situation if having to pay any overpayments back.
  • Also, I won’t have unnecessary stress of working to what ever agreement they give just to get it, when there are no jobs out there in cleaning.
  • How I have been looking for extra work in a mornings in cleaning since last year, but having no employer taking me on, regardless of my experience and qualifications.
  • I have also mentioned about the above and how I am writing back, hoping this will soon be sorted quickly.
  • I have mentioned how and why I am taking on more of a role as a carer with my mum. How I am told I can get help for this, but when I looked into, I am not entitled. Also, how one day, me and mum will be living together, when I can start picking, as currently in a contract till then, where I am living.
  • I have also asked him who do you complain to when Working Tax Credit don’t write back to you. Told him how I owe them, so they say due to losing my DLA when I was one of those affected by having to apply for PIP, but deemed basically ok to put short. I have been waiting since 2017 with this money on one side ever since that day, waiting to pay it back. I want done with.
  • Which lead on to explains how I would no way put mum through PIP, just for me to receive carers allowance. I rather mum have little money, then no money.

So basically he, had my life story, which hopefully comes across to him just how fed up I am that I cannot get a morning job of 8 hours or more, to go along with my current job, because I just get fobbed off by employers that they found someone better, regardless of my experience and qualifications. And the difficulties I am in and frustration.


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  1. All the best Liz with your financial issues. Life can be difficult. I am on the government aged pension and its not much to live on. I just have to remain calm and keep a positive attitude. cheers Ally

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      1. That’s how it was for me last year, but I still wasn’t that short. I managed. This year, my outgoings are more than my income and I am not even able to save. I thought March would be a good month to save a little and it wasn’t.
        I consider fruit a luxury, because I make sure I have hot dinners over that. I am not having fruit like I used to. This has affected my moods, because I am not having my fruit like I once did.
        I am someone who cuts their own hair, because hairdressers are exepensive. I have done this for over a year or two now. I don’t have a TV. This is by choice, but I can’t afford the TV license if I wanted one. I don’t have the money for it. Xx


    1. I just can’t believe it.

      I understand I won’t get council tax reduction based on that months pay slip. But as they know this is only overtime and not permanent, then it should have said in the letter as your income varies, please send us your April pay slip, just to see if you still eligible.
      Now the previous council did this. So I hope they do the same and I don’t have to faff filling in another form, with me still entitled.
      If I end up filling in another form, then the only overtime I will do at my workplace are Saturdays a couple of times a month, until I have those stable extra hours in a morning elsewhere, which I am having no luck in the job department at the moment. Once I have fixed extra hours somewhere, then at least they are fixed and I know where I stand when no longer entitled to the council reduction that way, than go through process of waiting for money because of reapplying, if it turns out like this.

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      1. It seems like it would make things easier for them to just go based on the April pay slip rather than fussing around with processing a reapplication. I hope it ends up getting sorted quickly when you take in the letter.

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      2. I hope I am not in long waiting my turn tomorrow, as I have a friend to meet in town and pay some bills prior for my mum.
        It’s going to be a long day tomorrow.

        I hope that when it comes to handing in the letter, which I hand in personally so that I get a receipt to say I have done this and knowing they get it safely, that when it goes to right department, they contact me as quick as they can. Unless I find they tell me there and then, which if I do, a letter would still come like before when I have queried things.
        Hopefully it will be straight forward and no faffing of paperwork again.I am still doing no overtime, than the couple of Saturday’s a month now though, until I have fixed hours somewhere. I am not risking this again.

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  2. I’m afraid that I understood every little of this; the system in the UK is quite a bit different and I am not familiar with the way you live, tax, and manage what sounds like a housing subsidy. I do understand your obvious distress and your personal story line. I hope the letter brings you a solution!

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    1. Thank you for your wishes. Hopefully it will be sorted quickly, when I take the letter in.
      The system for us in the UK can be confusing for us at times. It supposed to make things easier, with some changes of different things that have happened. But no way is it easier.

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      1. Yes, when you earn over a certain amount, you lose it. But how that letter was put like this is a permanent thing, when they know it’s just overtime. So I hope they make it easy on themselves and me by me not having to reapply for it. Hopefully, instead, wait till they get my April pay slip and then pay me what I am entitled to then.

        But to not risk them doing it again, means until I can secure extra hours in a morning somewhere, so at least I know where I stand, means my overtime I will limit myself to, as to risk not going through this again.
        Fine when I have secured my hours somewhere. But until then, while only getting random and unpredictable overtime, means I will just limit to know more than 8 hours per month, just so I am not caught short unexpectedly.

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  3. It’s hard this situation I am in. For a long time I have managed on tight budget, even when I did not need a tight budget.
    But this year is so different. January and February when it was really cold, I could not always put the heating on. I chose no heating, to have food.
    I have not bought and eaten fruit as I would like, because I don’t have the luxury. Fruit feels a luxury.
    I chose not to have a TV as you the readers know. But if I wanted to watch TV, I can’t, because I cannot afford the TV licence. Instead, I enjoy watching DVD’s, which I buy second hand. But again, when I do this, this is starting to feel a luxury, because if I only have a bit of change, then milk and bread or what ever else I need, is going to come first over a dvd.

    Private renting is a rip off. A council property is much cheaper to rent. If I was paying the rent of a council property price, instead of what I have had to pay private, I would not feel the pinch that I do.

    What would I do without savings?because I am having to go into this to pay some bills. I wouldn’t have a roof over my head.
    Savings is only going to last so long, if I never get to put money back into it. Then what?

    I dread to think. 😦

    All I want is extra hours of work, to ease this worry and for an employer to take me on, instead of an employer saying they found someone better.
    More likely I am bloody over qualified given the job I applied at and certificates I have.
    Last interview I had, I didn’t say, but I seen a slack in their health and safety.


    1. It is soul destroying at times for me. My mum gave me money when I seen her Saturday, so I could top up my gas meter. The other will go to food and save rest for when it will be needed down the line.

      I know by having another job it still won’t make it easy while living her. But at least it would be stable income and because then I would lose that help to council tax, at least when I ever do overtime again in a high amount, I won’t need to inform anyone, because then I won’t be on that benefit.

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  4. Liz! Your in a very tough spot! Im so sorry it is this way for you! How did the letters go down? Did anyone respond yet? I know this is old I am going through some old posts that I hadn’t a chance to look at lately now. I hope your doing somewhat better now. xxx

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    1. Thank you. It’s been a very tough spot for a while, but when you read posts since this one, you will see how some things have come along. For council tax help, I had to re-apply. But that was back up quickly sorted after filling in form.
      Other things are still happening/progressing but you will see posts for those updates, as commenting here would make comment very long.

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