Don’t allow Facebook to rule your life

Don’t get sucked in with Facebook. If you do, before you know it, you will have lost most of your day to it. That day leads to another day, then another and another.
Before you know it, you sucked your whole life into it.

When Facebook breaks down, or has a blip and it has a big one this year where people could not post for 24 hours or more, that they cried like a baby, or swore using the f word, which proves to show just how you let Facebook lead your life.

And Facebook likes that.

You are their product. Not Facebook.

Yes. The first time I ever used Facebook, which I talked about before here, I was one of those that got sucked in and before I knew it, I was doing more screen time, than going out. So I have been there and know what that addiction can be like. But I chose to live life and not be ruled by Facebook and closed it.
When I came back for a second time, I only was back on it because of a course I was doing. I didn’t really want to be back on it and I felt a bit pressure to set up a Facebook account. But I stayed. But I wasn’t like before, on it all day. I did other things. Not screen time.

Fast forward a few years being in it, I started to feel lonely. I only had a small amount of friends. I had an amount that I could keep touch with all individually and most of my friends I meet up with. But towards the end, communication was very little. Yet here I was communicating on their wall. But no one on mine. Three literally missed me when I disappeared and chose longer breaks. Another friend of mine did not use her account, for personal reasons I understood.
I did not come back for their benefits. When I kept having these breaks and bearing in mind I wasn’t hardly in it before I took these breaks, I decided to close it and never looked back. Some have wanted me to come back. But I will never.

When I was on Facebook, as I have said, I had enough friends where I knew I could give each my undivided attention. But I did not get this back. No way do I hold this against them, because at the end of the day, they had 300 or more friends on their friends list. You cannot keep up with 300 plus friends. And if you can, then you are only doing that by looking at a screen all day, rather than enjoying looking at the world around you. And that is very sad, if you let Facebook come into your life like that.

Also, as Facebook is. You are their business. Facebook don’t care, as they are making your life their business by sending you those ads you see on your Facebook wall that just seem so convenient for you. Have you observed how your conversations reflect those ads?
You can turn ads off, but I have seen how the ads seem to still reflect my search, or conversations at times, which comes to all the court cases against Facebook now, regarding privacy. I hope Facebook get what they deserve.

Facebook created rules for us to follow. But they don’t follow their rules. I reported a video one time that was distressing. A dog was very being treated bad. I wouldn’t be surprised if that dog is dead. It nearly looked dead in the video. I won’t go into details what I seen, as it’s very distressing, but it violated Facebook rules. They got back to me and said it didn’t. I did not give up and I replied back very angrily. It got taken down. This is another reason I won’t do Facebook, because even they don’t follow their own rules.

Facebook also choose what you see on your own timeline. Have you noticed you don’t get to see all your friends posts, even though you have put them as a priority.
Before I left Facebook, friends said they did not see my blog posts links I shared.
Another example how Facebook rules YOUR life. If you let it.

I am sure you have heard how nothing is for free? Well, Facebook may seem free. But it isn’t, because you are the product.

That’s unless you just walk away and choose not to be their product.

Facebook may seem it’s going to be around for years. But even strong businesses can come down and crash when they are out of money and with what Facebook is facing, they may just end up paying out that much, there will be no Facebook left. Which means go back to basics and use email. (Which I do.) Or even good old face-to-face cut chat, or that lovely letter on paper.

To go on about Facebook I raise here, I would like to share a couple of blog links with like-minded souls:

You will notice that this post is closed to comments. This is not because I don’t appreciate your views, because I do. It’s just that I have such a strong thing about Facebook, I could talk all day.
But I am not going to talk all day.
I am not going to allow myself to preach any further feelings on the topic of Facebook.
I won’t waste any of my further time talking about Facebook. Facebook don’t deserve any of my time.
So this is the last time I shall rant about Facebook. But if Facebook ever shuts down. I will be celebrating.


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