I challenge you

For those that like to colour in books, I would like to give you a challenge. A challenge that I have already done, after doing the challenge myself.

I challenge you to colour with your non-dominant hand. So this means using your opposite hand from the one you usually use.

This challenge appeared in “The Mindfulness Companion – A Creative Journal To Bring Calm To Your Day,” by Dr Sarah Jane Arnold.

So, as I am right-handed, it meant I had to colour the picture below with my left hand.

Believe it, or not, I have never coloured with my left hand. So I surprised myself with this end result.


I did feel the concentration though, while completing this challenge and I did this over a few days.

The only time I have used my left hand, was when I had to write with my left hand some years ago for so a few months, while the right one was strapped up and not allowed to use it, after injury as a cleaner with it.
Before then, as a packer with an employer, I learnt to use a tape gun with my left hand, so that I could alternate hands using the tape gun, so I would not have any issues with my right hand, had I used that all the time instead. (Repetition causing injury I suffered, until I made this change.)

When you do the challenge, as the challenge in my book says, “… Notice how much patience and concentration it requires. It may feel new and unfamiliar. It may feel frustrating. Notice and name any emotions that arise, moment by moment, and allow them to be here with you as you try to guide your hand as it colours. See if you can experience this without making any judgements. Notice how present you are in this moment.”

If you decide to take on this challenge on your blog, do let me know.


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12 thoughts on “I challenge you

  1. That’s interesting Liz. I once broke my right wrist so could not use my right hand for quite a while whilst in plaster. I learned to do everything with my left hand, and now, all these years later, I STILL use my left hand mych of the time. It’s weird! Xx

    1. I am still dominant when it comes to my right hand, except for those changes I made in my blog post. Although I surprised myself with the results of my colouring with my left hand, my right hand I will still mainly use.

  2. How perfect a challenge that is!!! And you have exceptionally good results!!! I am impressed! Bravo and Congrats for conquering that challenge. You presented it in such a lovely way, I now feel challenged but have no color books. 😦 I know!!! Next time the children downstairs are awake, I am going to ask that we color. As we color, I will ask them to switch color hands (I will also) and see what happens. However, as I have been observing, they already tend to use both hand almost equally.

    Last time I used my less dominant hand extensively, was as a child (half a century ago), playing the piano. Maybe that does not count……

    Great job Liz! You have expanded from that one “simple” challenge. Do you feel it? (I felt it in your words) Thanks for sharing this idea. It is most beneficial.

    1. I look forward to hearing about it, if you choose to blog about the challenge. Do let me know. 🙂

  3. Years ago, for no real reason, I started seeing if I could write a few words every few days with my left hand. No idea why, perhaps my self-conscious was predicting I’d break my right wrist in the future. It did make me focus and have to exercise more patience, so I can foresee this being similar. You’ve done very well for colouring with your non-dominant hand, I’m tempted to try (though I know my anxiety & perfectionist tendencies will get aggravated by it pretty quickly!) xx

    1. Yes, I found colouring giving same similar focus as writing, but not as much. But as I have written before using left hand, the not as much part is probably down to that experience.
      But where if I use my dominant hand I would find I could easily colour all day, using my non-dominant hand I found I coloured at the max for a couple of hours at times, otherwise a bit less. X

  4. This sounds like a fun challenge! I never use my left hand for anything lol ever since I tried practicing my writing with my left hand and it never turned out well. Maybe coloring will be easier.

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