Chit-chat early April

Early April, my mum got discharged from the mental health unit and is now back home. Being discharged this soon, I have to say I was surprised. But mum does have support by a team that support people her age with mental health issues, when they are discharged.
For the next 12 weeks from mum being discharged, someone will check on her daily at the time she chosen. If at any point mum wants to go out, or won’t be in around the time of her check, as long as she lets them know, she is fine to go out. It’s just knowing she is ok.
Her medication I took charge of to start with, but her chemist will deliver weekly due to her circumstances being that she overdosed originally and to help me with not living with her. Mum now has her meds in blister packs, which is new to her and the ward thought it would help her. Mum seems to find this ok.
Any unprescribed stuff that you can buy yourself like Paracetamol for example, I still take charge off. Mum is only allowed a tray at a time of Paracetamol.
When mum does eventually live with me, then I will be taking full control of her medication again, so that she only has a weeks supply at a time. It also means locking up my medication too, that would be harmful in the event of an overdose.

Mum finally got her inhalers sorted out, so that she could take them easier. Mum has arthritis in her hands and for years she has been ok taking her inhalers. But this year, I noticed she was struggling even more than last year. One inhaler works on breathe and for her other inhaler, that is in a case that when she takes the inhaler, she squeezes with her hands, rather than how you would originally do it. When she squeezes this lever, it presses the inhaler down. Mum found this better too.

I ended up filling in a form again for council tax reduction. So I won’t do overtime in the day at work, just to lose the little help I have and having to fill a bloody form again for it. What a waste of my time and surely the council too when I have to refill the form to apply for it again. So until I find stable hours somewhere in a morning with my current evening job, the only overtime I shall do is the odd Saturday with my current employer. I will only do more when I have stable hours in a morning elsewhere.
Regardless that I have to fill in this form again, I did feel I was understood. But unfortunately, this is the way things are done. So if I still want help with council tax, I need to fill in the form again, to reapply. I filled this in the beginning of the month, so by the time this post airs, I should hopefully be receiving it again.

I continue to look for the extra hours in a morning, but nothing much is coming up.
Where I wrote randomly to more businesses, I have heard nothing.

For a few years, I have noticed how very small buttons can be awkward for me to fasten. But now I find it impossible, as I found out when trying to take the fur trim off my coat, prior to wanting to wash it.
After 15 minutes of fiddling about and not getting half way with it, I tried to fasten it back on, but I couldn’t do it and I had no one I know who would be able to do it for me. So unfortunately, the only option I had left, was to pull the dam thing off and allow those bloody buttons to fly. Any that didn’t, got snipped off. So my pride and joy coat that I love very much, is without the fur trim now. I wonder now when I have washed this coat before, whether I ever attempted to take it off before. But I can’t remember.

And talking about memory, I still find my memory not as good since the day I found my mum on her bedroom floor, after taking an overdose.
Like for one example, if you asked me what I had for lunch yesterday. I can’t remember. The important stuff I remember, like bills. But because of how I have been, I decided to pay off the remainder of my council tax last month, because I did not want to chance forgetting. This is the only bill I don’t have by direct debit, because as outgoings more than income, I need to make sure right money is moved across from my savings before I pay it.

Since that day I found my mum on the bedroom floor, it’s like my weeks have gone in a blur.

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    1. Thanks. I always write down my hours in a pocket diary, but when I do additional hours, I also write it in a note book specifically for my current job, so I know what overtime pay will go in my wages and when. X


  1. You have had a lot of stress, but I’m proud of you for being such a strong support for your mother. She needs you, and you are a good person to step up for her!

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    1. Thank you. Yes, this year has been so stressful and not the year I was hoping for. But underneath, I knew what I would be doing for my mum and I made that decision at the point she was in A&E.
      I’m glad my mum is choosing to live with me. Something good is coming out of something bad. X

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      1. There are still things to plan out in regards to mum living with me that I am waiting to hear on, but hopefully it turns out to be no issue and still in the right direction. I am still waiting on being able to choose my area still and not where mum lives. A friend said it shouldn’t be an issue and that my request should be accepted, but I am waiting to hear still. I hope I hear this week on that.

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      2. I am tired of moving. But for mum now to live with me, means I get chance of a council property, which something I would have had no chance of on my own. It will be nice paying less rent with what private landlords charge.
        Mum can’t live where I am as as she wouldn’t get up and down the stairs daily, as well as it only being a one bed flat.

        Had this not been happening and I still be living on my own, I was looking at moving as this flat not great like where I previously lived. Only the view is great, which made me blind to some things I missed regarding this property.

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  2. I’m glad they’ve got her meds sorted, at least that’s one thing you don’t have to worry too much about for the moment while you’re not living with her. There are so many forms and letters you’re having to do for everything, like the council tax reduction. I’m not surprised you’ve found the weeks to go by in a blur though or that you’re not remembering things as well, you’ve had so much on your brain and it takes a toll. Hopefully when things are a little more settled, you can decompress and process things, get a little space for yourself to just breathe.xx

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