Blog post re-share: Introversion, shyness and social anxiety – What’s the difference?

A favourite post of mine that helps for those that are not sure of the difference between introversion, shyness and social anxiety.
I know hands down I am an introvert, which I have blogged about in the past in how it affects me. But in the past people have mistaken it for shyness, when then at that time I wasn’t.

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Introversion, shyness, and social anxiety can sometimes get mixed up, but they’re quite different. In this post we’ll look at some of the similarities and differences.

Introversion is a personality trait, and appears in the Myers-Briggs personality typology.  The opposite is extroversion, and individuals may fall at different points along the continuum between the two.  I lean strongly in the introvert direction.  One of the key elements that differentiates introverts from extroverts is the kinds of situations that drain and replenish mental energy.

Shyness involves feelings of discomfort and awkwardness, typically when meeting new people.  It can be an enduring personality trait, or it can appear during certain phases of development.  It tends to appear in people with low self-esteem.  Shy people may develop social anxiety disorder, but not necessarily.

Social anxiety disorder is a form of mental illness that’s also known as social phobia.  It…

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