What cartoons/animations do you like to watch?

That little kid, or big kid in us needs to come out at times, so we can laugh more, be silly and have fun.
For me, I like to watch cartoons and I know I am not the only one that likes to do this. So come on and don’t be shy and leave in comments of this your favourite cartoons you like to watch.

For me, I have enjoyed watching Garfield, Monsters Inc and recently I watched Despicable Me 1 and 2. But I need to sit and watch more, more often.

21 thoughts on “What cartoons/animations do you like to watch?

      1. I think I am yet to see Minions movie. I am on the look out for dvd at Cex. I know I remember reading recently there were on about making another Minion movie, so that will be fun.
        I thought there were three despicable me movies, but thought I check to be sure. So just the third one to watch in that one next then for me. 🙂

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  1. Aww this has reminded me there are a few animated flicks I’ve not seen but want to watch, so not quite cartoons.. but now I’m on the spot I totally can’t remember what they were! Coco is one I’d like to see. And yes, the Despicable Me flicks are good, quite liked Boss Baby too for a giggle.xx

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  2. For movies, the little mermaid and beauty and the best and Aladdin are my favourits, oh and the lion king, for shows, I like sesame street, and our littles like things like dora the explorer, bubble guppies, and curious George, and Thomas and friends. Xxx

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