Post update on letter sent to my local MP

As you know in post, I hope it’s not going to get more difficult this year, I had a bit of a rant in that one and as I said ranted in that post,
I also sent a letter to my local MP and got my rant off my chest with him. Details in that above post link, if you need a reminder of what I ranted to him about.
A person that works alongside him quickly got back to me, (case worker) introduced herself and said she’d been asked to take on my case by the MP. She said that a letter has been sent to Working Tax department and as soon as they have an update, she’d get back to me and let me know where I stand on that situation. I replied back with my thanks, adding I hope they get a better response and reply to her, then they have done to me, saying it’s not the first time I have written to them and never heard.
If there was anything else I needed help with, just to email back.
I left it to that, as although I had a rant on different topics, the letter started off about WTC and that is my main thing. I just wanted to give an insight into my struggles currently.

So did they hear anything back from the WTC people?

Yes, they did and the letter sent to them was forwarded to me. HMRC have written it off and I owe nothing. This was because of the delay and failing to ask for it back when they should have done and my difficult financial circumstances and becoming a carer. They also apologised for not contacting me to claim this and also for never replying to my letters when I queried. Because of the worry and distress their actions have caused me, they are sending me a payment into my bank account in the next 14 days, although this amount they said is not intended to put a value on the worry and distress it caused. This small amount I received, I wasn’t expecting anything of any amount from HMRC.

When I read their response, I was both relieved and very angry at the same time and it raised a couple of questions also. One being was why did the money go up to what I was expected to owe in the letter?  So I sent another email to my MP asking them to forward that email to HMRC. The same day from them doing this for me, which I thanked the MP and the case worker helping me with this, they received a phone call from HMRC who let them know they had forwarded it to the complaints department to be escalated. So as soon as my MP and the case worker hear from them with a response, they will let me know.

HMRC may have written it off but because of that letter it added further questions I was not going to let drop. It has proved the point of why I have always said I will never apply for Universal Credit and also why I will never apply for WTC again.

I am also very angry that it took an MP to get my answer and that HMRC no matter what department has NEVER acknowledged any of my letters, including when I was dealing with my mum’s personal details and informing them in two letters, one being when she went in hospital and another when she was out back home, because if her having DLA. Yet if it was the other way round, I be expected to jump and get onto it basically.

I also raised how I observed at the beginning of this letter where they thanked my MP for his email and said that HMRC never offer email to people, yet he emailed. So I highlighted how once again HMRC are failing. Businesses are expected to comply with the law and make reasonable adjustments. As in my case it’s reasonable adjustment to offer email to me because I am deaf. Businesses do it, but HMRC don’t because they say it’s a security thing, yet here the MP has been able to email them.

My email that now will be in the hands of HMRC will show once again just how angry I am and how I feel that people like us, (low-income) are hit hard, but if you are rich, you get away with it.

I also added that if HMRC was a paid service business, they would not have a business because of them never answering queries, or complaints. So why is HMRC allowed to get away with it further? Again, to me it highlights just how there is a tier here, we (low-income) are expected to jump to what HMRC want, but HMRC just ignore us.

So when I hear further what they have to say, I keep you updated. But how I felt today with all these emotions, has just shown to me how stressed and triggered I am. I also realise I have been harbouring more stress than I realised and right now still, since yesterday, I still feel very angry. Angry in a way I have not felt for a very long time and so I hope I do get rid of this with the tactics I use and not let it overwhelmed me further.

21 thoughts on “Post update on letter sent to my local MP

  1. Liz I applaud you for what you have done. You have got further than most. But I truly DO understand the deep stress and anger. My husband and I are fighting ALL THE TIME for various reasons and things. It is hard. It really is. My 93 year old mum is exactly the same. We can’t just get on and live ohr luves, like others, but have to be continually fighting. It is unjust and u fair, and we are the ones having to deal with the emotions, not them. They are u toyched basically. You have done well Luz. I do hope that you can feel more peaceful soon. Take care and much love to you xxxx ❤️❤️❤️❤️

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    1. Thank you.
      I feel that HMRC feel they are untouched. In face I think HMRC are able to do what the hell they like and unless you have the money, we (the low wages/low-income) are the ones that suffer and yes, I have hatred feelings for a long time now with HMRC who have no customer service, unless of course if you are self-employed, then yes, they have answered then and only then that department. But everyone else I have dealt with for myself or my mum when it comes to informing, the department’s that deal with WTC and DLA have never answered a letter. So yes, now with the support of my MP, the only way I got an answer, I wasn’t going to let it drop regardless that they will now wipe off this money off, they still have answers to give and it still proves what I have said why I won’t claim Universal Credit or WTC again for the fear of paying back, even though I have informed and never shoved it under the carpet.
      And yes, like you say, it’s us that suffer, it’s us that feel it while they go to bed at night.
      I have had enough for some time, but this year because of it being more difficult and then my mum, I have been on the edge as I have mentioned in past posts.
      I can’t afford to be off sick, because my sick pay wouldn’t cover all my rent and that then means my savings would be for everything else, which would disappear in a few months if I was off sick. Xx

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      1. Costing me time that’s all, as it’s email with my MP who has forwarded to HMRC. I needed to vent. I have held it in long enough when it came to HMRC. I am not letting them go that easily now. Xx

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      2. It was already doing that while I did nothing. So this is why now I let rip with what I feel about it all still, regardless of their reply. Thanks to the MP I have started getting answers and hopefully further answers now, that don’t lead me to asking further questions. Xx

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      3. Sell I hope that you can get some peace soon Liz. I know what it is like. We have been having a running battle with our Council for two years! Dusgusting! It made me iller than I am xx

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      4. I hope I get some peace soon. I cried as well when I read that letter saying they were wiping it off the WTC.
        It’s not going to get any better for me though until I find more permanent working hours, or when I am in a council place instead of renting privately. Just so I am either saving, or earning money. X

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      5. Yes. Just so many tears invokved Liz. I feel it with you. And yes, re ting pruvately is AWFUL. I do hope you can get more hours. My sister struggles with that. There is so much cmpetition now, for the few jobs that do come up. Yet even with her marvellous references she struggles to get more work. She is a cleaner too. Xxxx

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      6. I have been doing cleaning for that long in a variety of jobs and yet sometimes I get that they found someone more skilled. They did not even interview me and this company trains you to their ways anyway from an interview I had once at a different pub under same company brand. Xx

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      7. I know. My sister is 60 years old, and started out her working life making sandwiches for a Company, then worked at the bacon factory, then went into cleaning. She a,ways ysed to have three jobs on the go to make up her wages, but then things got bad. Now, she just works 16 hours a week, but is my mum’s Carer also. But my mum is VERY difficult, and abusive. So it is hard for my sister. We give her 6 hours a week and pay her for it (cleaning our house) but it still isn’t really enough. It’s a hard life Liz. Xx

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    1. Yes, it should never have happened in the first place using an MP to get answers, but this is just how HMRC are, they never reply to queries or complaints in the WTC and DLA departments of HMRC. I have lost count letters written counting both these departments and never responding.
      Only when I was self-employed in my spare time, while employed, that someone has replied back. But never benefits. This is why I don’t think they give a toss and is it any wonder people get nasty and cannot tolerate HMRC.

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  2. I feel your frustration, I’d be fuming that it took an MP to get things moving while the HMRC neglected to acknowledge anything sent to them. I think you’ve done brilliantly keeping up with all of this and letting them know how you feel! Yes, do keep us updated when you get another response. All of this will only add to your stress levels, so at least you’ve got what you needed to say to them out the way for now so deep breathe, and distract yourself for this evening, try to take your mind of it all if you can.
    Caz xxxx

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    1. Thank you. Yes, I plan to enjoy my Easter weekend now I have got this off my chest and thanks to my MP and his case worker for supporting me on this.
      I plan to watch DVD’s. Mum is stopping the night tomorrow too. Xx

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      1. That sounds like a lovely weekend, just relaxing & spending some time with your mum. Any particular DVDs in mind? I got a copy of Bohemian Rhapsody for my mum & I to watch on her birthday and it was fantastic! 🙂

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      2. It’s been a month watching a lot of DVD’s this month than normal, which in a chit-chat post next week sometime I plan to air, I have listed what I have been watching. But tomorrow, I am saving Amelie to watch for me and my mum, as she was interested in this one when I shown her DVD. If she’s up to watching another that I have already seen and that I think mum will enjoy, then that will be High Crimes. 🙂

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  3. Looking forward to that post, I’m always curious what people are watching. Two great choices – Amelie is a beautiful film, and High Crimes.. just about remember that with Morgan Freeman, also good 🙂

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    1. Yes, it was via another blogger, (can’t remember who now) that recommend Amelie one time, so I finally got round to getting it.
      Mum likes Morgan Freeman when watching past films with him in it and I think she will like this one too. So I thought I’d save this one to play again and I don’t mind watching it again either.

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