The talk of fur babies

When my mum stopped over for the night over the Easter holidays, we were talking about one day when we would have a fur baby. This conversation was started by my mum in this ocassion and we have talked about fur babies before.

We would both like to have another cat, but it’s not going to happen now.
Mum is in no position to lift heavy bags of cat litter, let alone carrying a cat carrier.
I don’t want to carry cat litter either. Not even using a shopping trolley and my budget does not stretch to having groceries delivered to the home, where the cat litter could be added to that shopping list, as I once did some years ago.
I also don’t want to go about carrying a cat carrier no more either. I haven’t forgot how I struggled with the cat carrier in the final year of having Miley. And when Miley was ill, which meant several trips to the vets, which if it wasn’t for a friend supporting me in this, I would have struggled, because I wasn’t well. I don’t want to worry now about that area anyone.

So if there is room, I discussed possibly guinea pigs as a pet, which mum doesn’t mind. But mum wondered whether I would consider a hamster again. I certainly would consider a hamster again.

I said to mum which ever fur baby we have in the home, we would have as soon as we are settled in living together. I want us to settle first, before owning another pet. But it was nice to talk about it, as something for us both to look forward to.

13 thoughts on “The talk of fur babies

    1. I miss having some kind of fur baby, but money-wise where I rent at the moment, I can’t think of owning one, but when one day in a council place, then yes, a small pet would be affordable. 🙂

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    1. Yes, they do, but as I would be living near roads and only considering rescue cats, when you are near a road, they only allow you cats that are indoors only. So not an option.
      But also, I wouldn’t be able to have a cat that went out, as my allergies would flare up in summer, because of the cat bringing in pollen on their fur. I really struggled before when I learnt this. X

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      1. Although cats are allowed in council flats, if you are in a flat where you share entry to other flats in a block, you are not allowed to have your cat running about in that part of the block. Something I forgot to mention in my post, which this set up is more likely where I will end up as I don’t want my own garden to maintain, but instead a communal garden that the council instead maintains. X


  1. Guinea pigs sleep at night, like people do. You can litter train them too. I use to go to local breeders for my guinea pigs, so to have a young, healthy and loving pig. I believe they live around 10 years.

    The child here, has a footstool, covered in material to look like a dog named Fido. He is now the family pet and easy to take care of. Every so often, I hear the little one calling, “Fido, where are you, Fido…” as she looks for her footstool, so as to help her mom in the kitchen. (little does she know, it is I, who puts Fido in strange locations when she sleeps)

    Fun fur talk you and your mom have. It’s important to keep the heart smiling. Thanx for sharing 😀

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    1. Yes, it’s important to keep the heart smiling. Especially in difficult times.
      I believe guinea pigs live around 6 to 8 years on average. But they are known to live much older than that too. 🙂

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