Stopping at mum’s next week

I have been feeling a little low since yesterday. I was planning on painting my kitchen ceiling today, but given the weather outside today, I did not want to have my windows open to it, in case the wind was to pick up more, as well as if it really throws it down with rain as it has done in parts recently.
I feel like the weather, on getting up this morning.

As you know I have been worried about my mum this week and since post “A worrying time,” I have decided that next week, I am staying at my mum’s, for the week.
So today, I picked up my sleeping bag from Argos for using next week, as this will involve me sleeping on the floor at night with my mum’s property being a one bed property.
I also bought my own cereals to cover the week I am at my mum’s, just so I am bringing my own food of some kind and not completely eating all her own food.
I have my suitcase part packed. I only have to put my medication and toiletries in and decide on the money I need when I do my own thing in the day and possibly eating out.
I am hoping the room left in my suitcase will hold at least one of my pillows. I can improvise when at mum’s to raise my head that a second pillow will do. If I can carry what I need in my suitcase while carrying my sleeping bag in it’s own bag, means I can go on the bus with ease, avoiding the costs of using a taxi.

I was worried when I called in work to see first if it would be ok to put a weeks annual leave in next week, before actually putting it in, so they knew why I needed my annual leave, because of it being short notice. But they were fine and told me to put it in and they would accept. So I used their computer while there to log onto my system to request the annual leave. There are no buses at night where mum lives and so it would have involved a walk that would have took me over an hour of some kind. The time exactly I don’t know. But definitely over an hour.
So by stopping next week at mum’s, I get to see what happens.

Today, I plan to go out in my town centre and drop a load of DVD’s off to a charity shop. While in town, I may call in the museum and see what may be in display that’s different since I last visited. (I’m trying to find a way to cheer myself up and make it a day for me.) I have thought about treating myself to a new notebook that I have not treated myself to since beginning of last year, but you know how I am when it comes to money at the moment, so as this is not a necessity, I am arguing myself with this one.

I’m thinking also while out, should I walk in Pet’s at Home store. But you know me when it comes to pets, I will be admiring and find it pleasurable, but while I am not in a situation to buy, I will feel rather an empty feeling when I leave the store empty handed.

That’s my chat for this post. What are your plans for today, or the weekend?

8 thoughts on “Stopping at mum’s next week

  1. Your self may be arguing with you over the notebook, because your ‘self’ knows how valuable that notebook really is, that you’ve waited long enough for it and that you deserve it.

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      1. Just remember….if YOU do not take care of YOU, who will?
        And, JOY is our birthright. We should not deprive ourselves of things that bring us joy.
        I know how much I value my own notebooks….

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