I wouldn’t recommend an Huawei mobile phone as it stands at the moment.

I have just discovered there are issues between Google and Huawei. I found via another blogger’s post and researched further on the topic before posting here.

As you know, I own an Huawei mobile phone. I have had this since last August and I have been fairly happy with it.
My only issue that I once shared here was not accessing WiFi spots I used to access before with my previous phone. I have to say Huawei did some update and it seemed to work a few times, then same issues again. I just gave up, like Huawei did after that, as they never got back to me further on it when I let them know again.

Now going back to what I found out today, which I leave you two links to read yourself over it. Google has banned Huawei. The two posts will explain below why. I suggest you read the first link first, as the second link is Huawei’s response, although it goes into the other news about this.
The issue between these two companies means that updating our phones if you have this make of phone, we not be able to update everything. So there is a question of how will I phone be affected?
To me, from what I gather from reading it’s the apps that may not update. I don’t do apps, as I do everything via my browser, so not affected there. But it’s the question of the bigger updates. Google says they would allow current phones to update any security updates. But from reading, it still doesn’t sound convincing. So if I was you, avoid this make of phone.




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12 thoughts on “I wouldn’t recommend an Huawei mobile phone as it stands at the moment.

  1. I heard that they aren’t allowing updates on this phone at all and it’s being banned here. Despite all of the advertisements everywhere. I actually wanted this phone but not anymore.

    1. Just through reading it’s saying security updates Google would allow with current phones, but the system update that is supposedly out next year, we won’t get that.
      But reading it all still looks unhopeful and not good, so I would avoid buying this phone.
      With what Huawei say also in response to this that’s happening and reading Trump has something to do with this, makes Huawei response not make any sense. Huawei are not in a good position.
      I hope with it all I don’t end up with a useless phone. Whether I do or not, I won’t be having this brand again and I wouldn’t recommend.

      1. That’s really a shame, Liz. I’m sorry this happened to you. Honestly I thought this phone looked so nice and wanted one. I was going to wait to get a new phone next year though, which is why I didn’t get to buy one. And then this happens. I think they should really refund everyone who bought a Huawei because it really isn’t fair you can’t use it like an android phone! I guess in the end, even if this phone ends up being “useless,” at least you’ll have a killer camera. The camera on this phone outshines other phone cameras.

      2. I know through the link I shared in the comments by Martin Lewis, even he said that this is a new area of water to be in and to try if it happens phone is useless to send back where you bought it from and use the Consumer Rights Act where it’s supposed to be fit for purpose and try that. But still a grey area. I still feeling using this would be unfair to the retailer, as it’s not their fault what is going off between Huawei and Google. I think Huawei should directly honour this.

        It’s good you waited off buying. Who’d thought someone like this would happen.

      3. Sorry I didn’t get to read the links. I don’t have my iPhone connected to safari as part of an experiment I’m trying to hopefully limit my internet browsing habit. Several times today I wanted to look things up and read things on the internet only to remind myself I can’t browse lol

        I saw tons of advertisements for the Huawei so I’m really shocked that this dispute is happening. It’s misleading to the retailers and ultimately, the customers. I totally get why so many people are upset. Even though I didn’t buy this phone, I’m disturbed by what’s happening and it makes it harder for me to trust companies.

      4. Yes, I think with the advertising of this phone and the disputes going on, it is misleading. I think the adverts should not be shown while this is going on. What’s the point advertising something that may not be useable? Certainly misleading and confusing.

    1. I only heard of them last August and they been around longer. The adverts of theirs popped up more in my area, after I got mine and I believe they advertise on TV. But with this issue, no I wouldn’t go near them and I don’t think it should be advertised while they are in this situation.
      I only knew if this issue because another blogger raised it, otherwise I would have been none the wiser, so I thought I would do the same.

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