My previous hamster

I have talked about in post, The talk of fur babies of the possibility we may have a hamster, as well as possibly guinea pigs if the room that I would like to give them. But a hamster may be more likely on the cards. Especially with the enthusiasm my mum shown, when she asked me would I have one again.

I thought I would share with you photos I have of my previous Syrian hamster, who I named Bubbles. These are only the photos I have of her, that are in my scrapbook album, which I have taken a photo of, to show. Apologies for grainy photos, but that was down to what ever camera I was using at the time.

My hamster who I named Bubbles. Her coat was white and golden brown, with slight darker brown colours.

Hamsters may only have a short life span compared to other pets, but the joy and love I had for this little thing was just the same as I have had for my other pets. If I was to be a hamster owner again, I would have another Syrian hamster.

26 thoughts on “My previous hamster

  1. Hamsters may be small, but they have a huge fun heart. Never heard of a Syrian hamster before. Very pretty!

    A dear friend of mine was given a hamster as a gift and fell deeply in love with that little thing. So, I can imagine the joy you receive from the little critters.

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    1. Another name for the Syrian hamster is golden hamster. Is that a name you are familiar with?

      Syrian hamsters have to be alone in a cage when mature, otherwise they would fight. They are not a group type hamster like other hamster varieties. This is why a Syrian hamster was ideal for me at the time I decided to have something small, that could be on its own and also active when I would mostly be in.

      Hamsters certainly do have a huge, fun heart. 🙂

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      1. I hope to have a pet again when me and move in together. Guinea pigs if I have room for them that I would like to give, or a hamster.
        It seems to be more swayed towards a hamster though.

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      1. I know, right? We have chipmunks that live behind our townhouse… Those little leg boogie like mad.
        As much as I love and adore my baby boy Peanut (parrot) and he does love being pet, I miss a little furry baby. I was thinking of getting a guinea pig, but have no room for one. However, after reading and seeing pictures of your hamsters, maybe (Maybe) I will treat myself to getting another one for my upcoming birthday.

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      2. I would love a fur baby now and now I have the other job, when I have saved up a bit, maybe I have a fur baby sooner. But a maybe, because I am thinking about the moving part, when settled at other place. Maybe not quite right time to commit, till then.

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