This has been one good storage box

This storage box I have had since my teens and it is still perfect, since the day I owned it. (I am 43 now.)
My mum bought me this, so I could store my art materials; pencils, felt pens and paints and whatever else then, I can’t remember.

Later, for a few years, all my nail varnishes, dotting tools, nail stickers etc… were in here, to make it easier to take to class when I did a nail art course.

Now, as in photos above, I have changed it back to my art box. I have my watercolour paints, acrylic paints, jars, paint brushes, mixing tray and dotting tools in this box.
I moved my nail varnish stuff into a clear box.

Do you have something, that you have owned for a very long time?

30 thoughts on “This has been one good storage box

  1. Well, I own this leather jacket that has a skull and crossbones patch on the back haha! It was from a bar where I used to work in the early 90s. Yours is the neatest art storage box that I’ve ever seen!

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    1. I hope this jacket is happy memories. I bet it’s nice to look at.

      Filling my craft box up again with art stuff, compared to first time round, I’m finding this box the lightest it’s been. 🙂

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      1. It has pre-diagnosis memories. Not sure if that’s good or bad lol! It’s certainly nice to look at, but I just can’t see myself wearing it with anymore lol! 😂

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  2. I have my teddy bear from when I was 4 years old, I am 51. The bear was old when it was given to me. It is stuffed with straw. My husband’s aunt from Italy knitted a tiny little sweater for it one year when she was visiting us. It is so cute. The sweater on the bear is over 20 years old. I do not know how old my little jointed bear is.

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    1. I was aware as a child that my parents could not afford much, so was always grateful for what I received. But this box, I wanted one for a few years. I did not say, but I admired once again. My mum seen me looking and asked if I wanted it. I said yes, but was concerned if she had the money. So mum bought it. I have had great pleasure from this box. 🙂

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  3. I’ve got an old red umbrella that I rushed into Woolworths to buy one rainy day when I was a student . Somehow in 32 years it has never blown inside out and has survived the many moves I’ve made. I now live in Spain so it doesn’t get quite as much use – but it’s always there – ready for a downpour. Funny though, I don’t even remember bringing it here. 🌂

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  4. Very neat for storage! I’d like to get something like this for some of my stoma supplies (boring, I know, but I have so many bits in different places it gets frustrating). I love it when something lasts so well, probably because it’s quite rare. In terms of storage, I have this small blue thing, I’m not sure what you’d call it, it’s plastic and I guess it looks like a boxy basket with a red handle. It used to have a lid with cut-outs so you could fit the right shapes into it. Obviously had that since I was a toddler.. now there’s no lid, I use it for keeping things in, don’t think I could ever throw it away.xx

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    1. Yes, what ever storage you choose, it would be easier having all your stoma things together. It could be a decoration box that looks part of the room, than just a box, or something like this if ideal.

      Sounds like you have a sentimental attachment with it and good that you found alternative use for it. Xx

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  5. That box looks brand spanking new. You’ve definitely taken great care of it.
    I still own the original rocking chair my parents got for me when I was born. (I’ll be 53 next month) I won’t ever let that out of my sight. I still own my encyclopedia’s (Americana) since I was in middle school. Plus I collect angels. I have four of them that are at least 40+ years old.

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      1. Oh, I wonder if possibly I have seen it and forgot. Depending on how long it was you posted. I don’t mind you sharing the link to it here and I will take a look, if you find it. 🙂

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