It’s finally happened …

Today, is a joyous day. It doesn’t mean recently things have been very terrible, or unexpectedly sad, or depressed. But it’s a special day today.

So what is it you are now wondering?

It’s took 19 years to get to this place. ( I thought it was 20 originally.)

For 19 years, I have been chasing for those extra permanent working hours, to achieve a minimum of 30 hours per week.
This morning, I had a job interview for a morning cleaning vacancy and I got the job.
I don’t think I would have got this job, had I not emailed the day before to see what was happening, after I sent my CV via email 5 days prior. That email was a begging email for this job, on top of reminding them of my interest and that I had retail experience, if it was retail I would be in. I also mentioned to them of my other experiences I had.

I arrived half an hour early before my time and the person who interviewed me felt very comfortable to be with.
The company I will be working for seem to be a disability friendly employer. The person who interviewed me is happy for me to email, or text him. To text him anytime to query anything, or any issues I may have.

The staff of the place I will be cleaning for were also very pleasant and I felt relaxed being there. It felt just as relaxed as my current employer.

I was very surprised how my job interview went from I would know in a couple of days of the outcome, to I had got the job.
He rang his boss, which turned out to be the one who emailed me the night before with interview details and talked to her about me, how he was going to take me on, because I arrived half an hour early, very skilled and asking lots of questions about the job.

All being well, I will start next week. This depends on paperwork being sorted and getting me on the payroll. Wednesday’s will be my day off each week and he will sort out how these odd few minutes will be worked out over my 6 working days, to make my 14 hours per week with them.
I could have worked the full 7 days if I wanted and worked 16 per week, but preferably he would like me to have a day off, for that break. I agreed, that as tempting as it was, I would have my Wednesday’s off, as so I don’t risk burnout. I was allowed to choose which day in the week, as my day off.
My day off I require in June, because I have my paid for trip to Oxford, has been honoured too, as he said they have to.

As this post airs, once I have finished my mug of tea off, I will get myself registered online with the company I am working for, providing the details they require, to get the ball rolling for next week.

Now that I have this job and if it’s next week I am starting as he hopes, means that I will now be leaving my volunteering place. The volunteering place knew one day this would come. I shall be calling in tomorrow, to give them the sad news and as one is on annual leave all this week, I plan to call in the following Wednesday, so I can see her and say goodbye, as well as thanks.

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  1. This is WONDERFUL news Liz. Congratulations. What a difference this will make to you. I hope that you are really happy there. You deserve this ❤️❤️❤️❤️

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  2. I have nominated you for the Sunshine Blogger Award because I think that you are very deserving of it! I have tagged you in my recent post where all of the info can be found there. 😊


      1. That makes a lot of sense, Liz. I plan on quitting after a certain number of these nominations as well. Thank you for your insight – completely agree with you there 🌺

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  3. Now this is very, very exciting!!! Bravo!!! How perfect it is….everything about it sounds perfect. And I’ll bet it has landed in your lap at the most perfect time of your life! I am extremely elated for you, Liz. Super congrats!

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    1. Thank you, Ren.
      This was the start of a difficult year money-wise, as you know; outgoings more than income. So having 30 hours per week, when I do start earning from this other job, should make it much better now, without dipping in any savings and hopefully putting back in my savings.

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    1. Thank you. Yes, sad, but happy times. Another new chapter as you say and all being well this company is good as first impressions to work for. 😊

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    1. Thank you. 🙂
      I did not start today, as the person was hoping that interviewed me. I knew they wouldn’t get paperwork and whatever in admin sorted by then, so it’s a day off today with not being at my other job either, cos of bank holiday. So I am enjoying relaxing.
      If it turns out I don’t hear for tomorrow, then I shall go to my volunteer place. (So won’t have quite left just yet.)
      I bet the new employer don’t work in an office on bank holiday, even though cleaners do. Lol So I don’t expect starting tomorrow.

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    1. Thank you. I have the job, just waiting on my line manager to tell me when to start. I had necessary email this morning with info I require for clocking in and out and other info. But just waiting for my line manager to contact me. I can’t wait to start and show my best. Get over my initial nerves as well as get stuck in. 🙂

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