Fibbing Friday – 31st May prompt

I have been watching Beckie, over at Beckie’s Mental Mess participate in Fibbing Friday. You can see Beckie’s answers to yesterday’s Fibbing Friday here.
I have participated a couple of times and left my answers over on Beckie’s blog posts, but thought I would start doing it here, when I join in.

The Fibbing Friday prompts are created by Teresa, over at The Haunted Wordsmith.

Yesterday’s prompt questions can be found here at this post, over at The Haunted Wordsmith. But here are the questions and my answers below to this fun game.

I have started following The Haunted Wordsmith, to see future prompts that I hope to join in with.

What would a Friday be without a chance to do a little fibbing? Have fun and come up with the best whoppers you can to these questions:

  1. What did the fan say? I can’t think of anything better than Beckie’s answer. 😊
  2. What really kicks off summer? I can only think of Bryan Adams song, ‘Back in the summer of 69.’ Now what did happen? 🤔
  3. Who rules the world? I definitely agree with Beckie. It’s certainly not Donald Trump.
  4. What is the best thing to do to someone who snores? Give them the elbow. But make sure you quickly pretend you are asleep.
    Or, pinch their nose and see what happens. 😁
  5. Who/what was your last unexpected house guest? A wasp.
  6. How does a blanket keelp warm? It’s not the blanket keeping you warm. You have been deceived all these years. Instead, it’s you that’s keeping the blanket warm.
  7. Why shouldn’t you snoop? You may be forced to keep a secret.
  8. What is the worst thing that could happen to you? I can’t think of an answer.
  9. What did the gopher and mole do when they met? Let’s hole up together. 😂
  10. What lurks in your backyard? A squirrel, on a secret agenda.
  11. What is the best way to torture someone? Now that could get me into trouble. Lol.

So if you would like to start joining in with Fibbing Friday, then don’t forget to follow The Haunted Wordsmith.

7 thoughts on “Fibbing Friday – 31st May prompt

    1. Thank you. I hope to do this each week. It will be a new challenging thing to look forward to and something my mum may join in with me, with the fun we have had this morning.

    1. Glad you are loving them. Me and my mum hope to continue doing these when I am back to blogging. 😊

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