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So today was my first day at my new job and I still not 100% sure about it.

As I have said before, my line manager is fine and seems approachable. He knows after today that I have been thinking of calling it quits. But he knows I won’t do anything yet.
Where I clean for, as I have said before, it seems a nice place to work for. But I have seen things on both sides; my employer and who I am cleaning for, points of views and I am the one in the middle who is staying out of that.
But it brings with it where I am not impressed, with what I see and what went on today. Which my line may said, anymore problems, let me know. But I will be sticking it out and if I choose to leave, than it will be while I am currently working here that I will do it. I am not just going to quit, because knowing I have this job eases the pressures off regarding my money situation. So unless I am got rid during probation period, I don’t plan on going anywhere, unless I do still choose to move into another job.
So I will be job shopping, (my version of window shopping) and applying for anything that catches my eye, just to keep my options open, at the hours close to what I am doing now.
This new job is 14 hours per week and so when I look at future job vacancies, I will try and get near that as possible, or more, when looking.

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    1. I have felt really down towards the night, since this shift. I really wanted to quit there and then, but I didn’t. My line manager knows I am not thrilled and was thinking of quitting and that was before what I mention below happened.
      There are a few things that made it not impressionable to me. But the last straw was when I was still there 45 minutes past my work time, before clocking out. My line manager was still there himself and not thrilled with manager of where we clean for.
      After speaking to my work colleagues about this, I texted my line manager and asked will I be getting paid for this time that it went over to? I said to him that when I said I was happy to stay over and chat with the manager, I had in mind 10 to 15 minutes of my own time I was happy to give. But to got to 45 minutes past my time, I am not thrilled.
      I asked if past cleaners had this issue, because I wasn’t going to have it and it concerned me.
      He is going to try and get today’s paid, but he said no, this won’t happen again and advised me to work two hours and leave last 20 minutes for check. I seriously will be clock watching. If it goes over by my time by a minute, that will be it, I shall say my time is done now and so I need to clock out. And get them to clock me out, because as you know, it’s a phone system for clocking out. So one of staff do it.
      If I find I have this issue by end of week, I shall seriously be tempted to quit, regardless how I need the money.

      I have also heard that the company is crap when it comes to getting pay right.


    1. Thank you. No it’s certainly not easy. It’s took 19 years for me to achieve at least a minimum of a stable 30 hours. So as much part of me wants to quit, more of me doesn’t want to.
      I am feeling low since starting this new job, even though yesterday was a better day, because manager not there.
      I still plan to look and get another job as close to the 14 hours as possible. Whether I have to lose a few for a better job, or gain more.

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  1. I’m sorry it’s not been a better experience thus far. But as you say, it’s a job and it fills a need for now, bridging the gap so you can find something else. Sounds like it’s now a lot of shopping you’re doing – houses & jobs! My fingers are crossed for you..xx

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    1. Thank you. If my pay is wrong in three weeks, my notice will definitely go in. But how low I feel since starting that job, I am ready following mum’s advice and giving that weeks notice. But I want to try and hold on at least till pay day, just to see if they do pay accurately, or not. If they do and still feel the same, I shall more likely put weeks notice in then and say that cleaning restaurants is not for me, but if something comes up in shops, or offices of 10 hours or more, I will consider doing, with this more my niche. Xx

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  2. An update on this job. Yesterday, I handed my notice in. My last working day is the 16th June.

    Something else is coming up for me, but you will have to look out more about it in Chit-chat June post, on 28th June.

    I am now going to close this post early, to further comments.


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