#WellnessWednesday – Some of my scents I find soothing and relaxing


These are just some of my different scents in the photo above, that I find soothing, that helps me relax:

  • Yardley rose perfume
  • The Original Champneys Health Spa – Summer Dream Rewarding Body Lotion
  • Relaxing lavender and coconut oil hydrating spritz
  • Relaxing lavender temple balm


As well as the above, I also like my scented candles, or scented oil in my diffuser.

And I find the smell and taste of Earl Grey tea comforting too.

What scents do you like, that feel soothing and relaxing?


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17 thoughts on “#WellnessWednesday – Some of my scents I find soothing and relaxing

  1. I love rose scented things! It reminds me of my therapist Eileen. I also like lemon grass in my defuser, and I like lavender too. For perfume my taste is diverse. I like flowery scents. xo

    1. I like rose, but I was quite surprised how I found this to relax me like lavender would. It’s great to explore other scents than the obvious, to find relaxing.

      1. It’s certainly made me more open-minded to other possible scents that can help me just relax, just as good as lavender. 😊

  2. I have several different aromatherapy blends containing essential oils that are supposed to be calming, like lavender, rose, ylang ylang, and frankincense. Most of the oils I don’t actually know what they smell like individually, aside from lavender.

    1. I’ve heard of ylang ylang and frankincense and keep meaning to try this one. But never got round to it.

  3. I have become so very sensitive to scents, I no longer have a favorite….except maybe…flowers.
    So many of the essential oils have chemical fillers in them, which I am very sensitive to. Instant headache. Any product that has “fragrance” listed as ingredient, is toxic to me. Because “fragrance” is simply “chemicals”. Very toxic ones. More and more people are becoming aware of this.

    I love reading that you are finding great pleasures with your aromas. I know, when you do get the right ones, they can be heavenly!

    1. Thank you for your comment. Flowers is certainly a good way to enjoy. I hope you have favourite flowers that you find lovely to smell and relaxing.

  4. I make a hand cream with sweet orange, frankincense, and rose geranium essential oils, which I find soothing. Like you, I also find the smell and taste of Earl Grey tea comforting. I drink it every day, and I often add a few lemon balm leaves to it from out of the garden.

    1. I have had once a lemon offered in my tea, which made it different and refreshing. Does the lemon balm leaves create a similar, or same effect? I imagine it would be better than a sliced lemon?

      Your hand cream sounds nice.

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