Fibbing Friday – 7th June prompt

It’s time for Fibbing Friday, by The Haunted Wordsmith.

I know you have been looking forward to this as much as me, because it is a rather special post today. It’s the first time my mum has participated in a blog post on here. So here we go. 😊

1. Why do cable companies offer so many channels no one watches?

My answer: It shows just how they have nothing to do.
Mum’s answer: Because no one can find their way.

2. Who invented lemon meringue pies?

My answer: Santa, because he missed the snow, when it was summer time.
Mum’s answer: The meringue man.

3. Why did people invent the sandwich?

My answer: It was a new way to smother people.
Mum’s answer: Because of the spread.

4. What was the stone age?

My answer: How to tell the age of a stone, or a pebble, by looking at the bumps, cracks and any other age related markings.
Mum’s answer: Two bits of rock.

5. Why do people grow more annoying as we age?

My answer: It’s a new form of fun, while playing a poker-face.
Mum’s answer: Because they want to catch up.

6. What is doomsday?

My answer: It depends where you are in life.
Mum’s answer: When you don’t get paid.

7. What do fish do all day?

My answer: They are secretly plotting.
Mum’s answer: Do a gobbly do.

8. Who are the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse really?

My answer: I don’t have a clue.
Mum’s answer: Four bits of a puzzle.

9. How do you make a cake?

My answer: Throw everything in a bowl and mix. But don’t forget to throw some flour around, as it makes you look very  busy. Santa will also appreciate it, cos it’s the nearest thing to snow in summer.
Mum’s answer: Upside down.

10. What is the best ice-cream topping on a sundae?

My answer: More ice-cream. Yum. 😊
Mum’s answer: Two bit pieces.

11. What is your ideal style of home?

My answer: Furniture either side of the room, to give it a parting.
Mum’s answer: Two sheets to the wind.

12. What is the strangest hobby?

My answer: I don’t know. I’m not strange.
Mum’s answer: Riding a hobby horse.

12 thoughts on “Fibbing Friday – 7th June prompt

    1. We have done our answers separate and did not know what each others were, until I typed it up. I didn’t want our answers influencing each other. Plus it would be interesting to see if at any point our answers were similar. But we were each unique.
      Glad you enjoyed and got the laughs. I shall let my mum know. 😂

    1. 😂🤣

      I have surprised myself with some of these answers. Don’t ask me where they came from, but this and the meringue one in particular has come somewhere from my subconscious. 😁

    1. You’re welcome. Glad to hear you enjoyed them. Mum is going to join in with this again next week.

  1. Very much fun! I also agree that the hobby horse was a great answer. And she has a point as to why the sandwich was made. More ice cream, as a sundae topping! I love it! Thank you both for participating and sharing.

    1. Glad you enjoyed Ren. I will show and read your comment and any other comments, to my mum, when I next see her. 😊

  2. Hahah these are great! I loved reading yours and your mum’s answers – I think these give us an insight into your subconscious! 😂

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