It’s going to be quiet from me…

For the next couple of weeks, you will find it is going to be quiet from here and via your blogs. This will be for about the next two, to three weeks where you will find I am a bit quieter.

There are blog posts scheduled during this the and I will air and respond when I can. I just may be a little slower than usual. I also plan to do Fibbing Friday with my mum again this weekend. So look out for that too.

I am tired and exhausted, which has been happening more since the morning job I have been in, not being right for me, that I am finishing.

I also need to do some walking, getting to know my area more, to have further ideas where I would possibly pick, when it comes to council properties. To do this, I need to get out there and walk the areas. So with how dizzy my brain has been for not knowing what day it is, or having a clue what I am doing and forgetful lots this year, I need to step back from blogging for the next few weeks.

I do look forward to reading to any comments in future planned posts and as I say, I will air and respond when I can.

Thank you.


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24 thoughts on “It’s going to be quiet from me…

  1. Bless you Liz. I hope you find what you are looking for especially the cluncil place that you so badly need. I wish you peace, and we will be herebwhen you come back. I for one will miss you very much, but you will be in my thoughts all the time. I understand your need for a break. Take care Liz. Enjoy your walking and your running. Hugs ❤️❤️❤️ Ifbyou ever want to email you know where I am xxxx

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    1. Thank you. It will be pop in’s on blog, but at times there may be quieter periods, just so I can switch off and have one less thing to do, as much as love being here.

      Running has never happened and I doubt I will now. But I will never say never. You never know. But walking has never failed me and I will plan to write more on that subject later.

      Much love to you. X

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    1. Thank you. The exploring is making sure where I know I will pick for council flats, but I will get my nature walk in too.


  2. Take care, Liz. I was recently sick and totally get it about needing time away. You take all the time you need. We never forget our friends – will see you here when you return xx

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    1. Thank you. It’s not a complete break, but it’s a step back that will be noticed more by my regular bloggers, because of bey slower to respond, or possibly more quieter at times.
      The reading of other people’s blogs and that being less than usual will be noticeable too.
      It’s just more quiet times are needed and may be unpredictable from me, just to give myself a break, while focusing on other important things, as well as making sure I focus on me too. Xx

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    1. 😘 Thank you.
      Look out for scheduled posts and I will still be doing Fibbing Friday with my mum. I hopefully plan to air this at the weekend, depending how I feel. Just needs typing up, but we have done it. Xx

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  3. This sounds like a good idea, Liz, you have to do what you need to do and you have a lot on your plate, so I’m not surprised you’re exhausted. I think you’ve done well to have posts scheduled (I can never seem to catch up, let alone get ahead of the game 😆). xx

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