Fibbing Friday – 14th June

It’s Fibbing Friday time and again it’s me and my mum doing our Friday Fibbing. We have been laughing doing these. Each answering our questions separately and then coming together, to share our answers.
Mum is enjoying doing these, so I think you will see our Fibbing Friday as a regular thing here, while it continues.
These prompt suggestions are by The Haunted Wordsmith and her original post for today’s prompts can be found here.

1. Who was the first person to sail around the world?

My answer: I don’t know.
Mum’s answer: Tom, Dick, or Harry.

2. Why did the Egyptians build the pyramids?

My answer: Because they wanted something grand.
Mum’s answer: To hide in.

3.What is Ursa Major? 

My answer: A medal.
Mum’s answer: Robin Hoods Home.

4. Lady and the Tramp wasn’t about two dogs… what was it about?

My answer: Snow White and one of the dwarves.
Mum’s answer: The in-between bit.

5. What does “Law and Order” mean?

My answer: Rules to break.
Mum’s answer: When two drunks get under the law.

6. What does Hell look like?

My answer: Well… I have two versions; one was my last workplace, in the last 2 years being there. 😙
The other version is red and hot.

Mum’s answer: Two grizzly bears.

7. What do cars do when you’re at work?

My answer: Depending on how much they like their owners, I can imagine them playing one of either two songs; “Only the lonely,” or”I want to break free.”
Mum’s answer: Talk to each other.

8. What is the best song ever written?

My answer: Holy crap.
Mum’s answer: Between the lines.

9. What are gnomes looking for in your garden?

My answer: Looking for fish, while secretly spying on the squirrel.
Mum’s answer: To see if you’ve pulled up the weeds.

10. What is in fruitcake?

My answer: Any fruit you like.
Mum’s answer: Fruit cocktail and spice.

11. What are the Seven Deadly Sins?

My answer: Alcohol, chocolate, puddings, sugar, more chocolate, cake and more cake.
Mum’s answer: A week of jumps and groans.

12. Why were Cinderella’s slippers made of glass?

My answer: It was a dodgy tracking device.
Mum’s answer: Because they ran out of leather.

13. What is wind?

My answer: Me farting.
Mum’s answer: Something you part with when you can’t get up with air.

14. Why do cars have bike racks without bikes?

My answer: Because they want to look fit.
Mum’s answer: Because they want to run up the tracks themselves.

15. What is the secret meaning behind the Mickey Mouse Club?

My answer: It’s all the little mice in the woods, having a huddle.
Mum’s answer: Two mice traps full of tasty snacks.

I hope you enjoy this one, as you did last week. Look out for future posts of my mum joining in this, with me.

6 thoughts on “Fibbing Friday – 14th June

    1. Thank you. Happy to hear you are enjoying them. Me and my mum are enjoying these. Both of us laughing to ourselves when coming up with our answers, before sharing them together, when it comes to me posting them here. 😊

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  1. I am so excited for both of you to be injoying these fibbing days. I love all the answers. You should see if there are other WP word fun the two of you. Thank you for sharing!

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