My own vitality wheel and wellness journal.

Image of my Vitality Wheel

My vitality wheel in the photo above, hangs on my light pegs, above where I sit in the living room.
I started creating this vitality wheel after reading an article on what it was about, when researching the book I came across, “The self-care revolution,” by Suzy Reading. I blogged about this book here, in this post.
When I started reading the book, I referred and, changed my vitality wheel accordingly, as I learnt more and gave more thought to mine.

Below, is my journal I’m using as my wellness journal.

The words on the front of my journal say:


I think these words are appropriate for what I am using this journal for.


The pages inside this journal are in pastel pink and blue. Pages are lined to start with, then there are plain pages.

Each of the pages has one of the three following quotes at the bottom of each page:

  • You are something magical
  • Every cloud has a silver lining
  • Your sparkle hasn’t gone unnoticed


This journal I started creating, before knowing and reading the book, “The self-care revolution.”

The book suggested to create a journal, as well as the vitality wheel. But you were not forced to, if you felt it was too much writing a journal. I chose not to create a journal, but the book has influenced slightly my journal, as I take something from it, with what I was doing already.

This is two of my pages from my journal, in the photo below. This is the same layout I use for each day.

One of my two pages from my journal

As you can see it is a nice simple layout, but I do have space should I wish to track anything else.

So at the moment, as my layout shows, I track my:

  • Food
  • Activity
  • What I did for me
  • Mood

At the front of my journal, I have a yearly mood chart.
It’s the same layout I used before, but with a very slight change in list of moods to before, as I wanted to put some of the moods to their own list, rather than combined.

My yearly mood chart for 2019

And that’s my journal for now until full and then the plan will be to have a ring binder journal in future with this in, as well as my planner. That way, it will be all in place. So I will look at buying an A5 leather filofax, that will combine this and my personal planner together.


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18 thoughts on “My own vitality wheel and wellness journal.

    1. Yes, it’s nice with the quotes at the end of the page, which I wasn’t expecting, when I first looked inside, before making the journal into mine.

  1. Wonderful Liz. You are very organised. It’s great to be able to look back isn’t it and see the coyrse of things. Have a lovely day Liz xxx

    1. Yes and the vitality wheel will be especially good for me, with it a visual thing. But the journal was certainly something I needed to get back into, like I used to before. But it’s a more simpler one than a random one, that I can change if required. It feels more organised this time round too. Xx

  2. It’s great to see your pro-active approach to becoming the best and healthiest you! I hope you are proud of your achievement Liz and of encouraging others also.

    1. I am thank you. I think having a journal takes ownership some way. It does for me anyway, because from stopping the journal from when I did it before, things have changed slowly for the worst. But the journal is helping to get back there, but in a more organised and simpler way. 😊

  3. Good for you for finding something you can use just for you! I particularly like your journal’s layout.

    1. Thank you.
      I seemed to have found something simple to the eye, at this point in my life, that will help. But it’s also flexible where I can add something else if I want too.

  4. I love being nosy and seeing inside other people’s wellness journals, and it’s interesting to see the vitality wheel you mentioned before, too. xx

    1. Yes, I like seeing other people’s journals to see what they do in theirs and for possible inspiration.
      I am glad you find the vitality wheel interesting. I know I have. 😊 Xx

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