My go-to, in times of escape.

It got difficult because of feeling that mentally and physically drained for so long this year, that when I found the new morning job wasn’t for me and the circumstances around it, that I have revealed in earlier posts, that it pushed me to my limit energy-wise.

I have cried and still have my moments, while I feel like this. I have regardless how I have been, still been able to crack jokes and have a laugh. But behind it all, it has still been pained. Hopefully, now I have finished my morning cleaning job, I should hopefully get my energy back and start to feel more better.

But while I have been as I have been, my go-to, in times of escape, have been the following:

  • Walking, especially in nature.
  • Watching Michael Flatley’s, Lord of the Dance DVD.
  • Listening to Michael Flatley’s Lord of the Dance.
  • Sleeping

24 thoughts on “My go-to, in times of escape.

    1. I am hoping I will feel revitalised soon too. All I have done after walking yesterday is sleep for a few hours.
      I went to bed earlier than normal last night and stayed in bed an hour longer and just slept. I could go back to bed. But won’t. X

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      1. Thanks. This week will be a better week, now I am not doing that cleaning job. Hopefully in another week, or two I will know about the other one. I am too tired to worry about money at the moment, but mum is helping.
        Mum is ok thanks, although I won’t help but worrying in the next week, or two as the mental health team discharge her later today, so there will be no daily visits. It will be a CPN who will visit now, which we are being introduced to, this afternoon when they come. X


      2. No. Mum isn’t in hospital. You’ve not missed a post. It was the team that visited her daily when she left the hospital. This is now coming to an end and she will have the CPN to visit her, to see how she is getting on. With it being CPN, the visits will be less. X

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      3. Mum is doing better. You have to be really ill to be hospitalised. This was why my mum wasn’t in the hospital long, because it was better for her to be treated at home once she was on her medication again. 😊

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      4. It is. Mum has done more walking than normal when coming to mine, so when she comes to live here, I hope that continues. Mum done really well when she walked around the nature reserve nearby. She walked further than she ever has done for a while.


  1. I can certainly relate to sleeping as an escape. I’ve been doing it more and more with each passing week. I saw my psychiatrist yesterday, and I told her my depression was getting worse. Another script was filled. This time, Cymbalta. (I think that’s how it’s spelled) I am now currently on 7 medications to fight anxiety, sleep disorder issues, and depression.
    Personally, my escape is wanting to escape taking so much medication. One begins to think, Is this what’s causing my depression to worsen?
    I hope you feel better soon, Sweetie! Enjoy your moments of escaping. 😉

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  2. Walking and sleeping! 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

    I’ve got into art here lately.. not that I’m going to be museum bound anytime soon, but I’m enjoying myself. And I’ve decided to my guitar playing more seriously. I think I’m onto something here….

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    1. Certainly go with what feels right for you, that helps.
      Art you can certainly escape into and express if you wanted. I have heard that the guitar can be helpful to some too. Enjoy.

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