My dairy-free journey and other posts – your views please

5th February 2016, was my first blog post and at that point in it’s first few months I would not have thought would I still be blogging now. But I have and I have many loyal readers and friends who have followed.
This blog was a refreshing change to my old blog I used to write and still is. Many of you have seen me grown. I started off with very difficult blog content in the early years. But it had to be difficult, for it to get better, as I approached difficult things from my past, to help me heal for my future.
My blog became therapeutic for me, as well as helping others along the way to not feel alone. I also felt not alone as  blog followers chatted with me here, sharing their experiences, or understanding.

In the years I have been blogging I have an idea, what you my readers like to read here, due to you commenting in posts and also how you like certain posts laid out. I much appreciate that and I hope you feel I took those onboard, as I continue to write.

I am going on a new journey of making dairy free more permanent. Since early June, I reduced my dairy more than previous before. From 20th July I became totally dairy-free and my challenge is to keep it that way.

I was going to chat about my dairy-free journey at times when writing chit-chat posts. But I think with recent events on the topic I have had, that this would be best in a topic on its own. Would you like me keeping this as a separate post of its own? 

On the subject of dairy-free. There will be a book review airing tomorrow, that I use.

Are there other posts you would like to see?

Thank you in advance.


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21 thoughts on “My dairy-free journey and other posts – your views please

  1. 🙂 It is nice to know that you have chosen to go the dairy-free route permanently.

    In regards to blog posts that we would like to see, I advise that you post whatever it is that you like on your blog.

    Do enjoy the rest of your day, Liz.

    1. I want to go the permanent route of dairy-free free, way into next year, after hayfever is done and evaluate from there whether I continue completely dairy free, or just whether it will be cutting certain things out.
      I am not missing what I thought I would miss. But I have had so e expected confusion with labels recently and so a few emails have gone here and there.

      Are you a dairy-free person?

      Thank you for commenting and have a lovely day yourself. 😊

  2. I’ve been dairy-free all of my life. So have my children and grands. Why after we wean our children from our own breast milk would we drink animal milk? Even calves don’t do that.

    1. I can’t remember if it was you, or another blogger that once chatted to me before going dairy free, when I talked about how I before cut so much out, knowing how it helped to get rid of my phlegm issue.
      We were talking about hayfever and asthma then, but I just can’t remember if conversation was with you, or another blogger.
      Can you remember if we may have done?

      Thank you for commenting. I would look forward to future chats with on the topic of dairy-free, when I blog about it. Especially with you having more experience, than me. 😊

  3. I have only recently indulged in fake cheese, only because it was my son’s choice of cheese. It is injoyable. My body no longer injoys dairy based ice cream. I quit drinking whole milk (any milk) when I moved west 3 years ago. I have no intention of going dairy free. I still injoy yogurt and cottage cheese with fruit atop it all.

    As for your postings and how, where, when….go with what Liz feels is best. You know your readers well enough and you know YOU the bestest!

    1. Thank you for your comment Ren.

      I shall see how I go with dairy free thing over the course into near end of next year. I will either continue going the dairy-free route, or just cut certain things out. If it’s the latter, it will be more cutting out than before.😊

  4. My daughter has recently stopped having lactose as it affects her stomach.
    She is fine with lactase however…. I didn’t know there was a difference!

    But she uses the umbrella term
    “Dairy free” when ordering from
    A menu for example to avoid confusion.
    We use a lot of vegan websites for ideas & supermarkets info

    For example

    Vegan womble

    We often find cheaper items in Lidl / aldi are dairy free, such as nice chocolate-better than paying for expensive items labelled as dairy free

    1. Hi Joy and thanks for your comment. I learnt something new as you did, as I did not know there was a difference either.

      I did not know Lidl or Aldi did dairy-free and I wasn’t expecting them too, so shall take a look at their range. Aldi is the one near me, so will look one day.

      When it comes to chocolate, I only go for it if it says “dairy free.” If it doesn’t, I won’t risk it and this is the dilemma I have had recently when it came to doing the total opposite to what I usually do, as well as in the bakery line. The “dairy-free” label ensure there is no dairy at all if you are like me and want not to just cut out milk, but products derived from milk.
      I don’t mind paying for the “dairy free” chocolate, now I know how long it lasts me. Although I wouldn’t complain if cheaper. A large bar will last me 3 to 4 days, compared to the dairy equivalent that would be gone in one, or two sittings.

      1. Hi again Liz , I should probably clarify that in aldi / Lidl we haven’t bought specific “dairy free” range , but the chocolate we bought we read the ingredients to establish there was no dairy in – when i re read it sounded like I’d said they had a dairy free range ! Sorry for confusion 😀

      2. I did gather your chocolate wasn’t “dairy free.” I shall take a look, but not likely to touch the chocolate. But I will enjoy looking for vegan meals. 😊

  5. How are you finding dairy-free in terms of health, Liz? I think it’s great if it’s doing you some good, and it’ll be interesting to read about your journey with. I love reading anything and everything you post, from the personal updates to funny posts and books. In terms of the dairy-free, I think it might work well as a separate series, with its own blog posts, but the choice is entirely yours 🙂
    Caz xx

    1. Hi Caz and thanks for your input and comment.

      After thinking about it and seeing what readers would like, I have decided to keep the dairy-free chat separate from everything else. So yes, I will keep it as one post. I have one scheduled to air in a few days and another in draft that I am working on. I am hoping to air that one in August too.

      I think for me just cutting out milk alone will be enough, which if I did that, then as well as milk, I would still leave off the chocolate, yogurts, ice-cream, cheese, butter and margarine, as well as avoiding other products containing milk, and have the dairy-free alternatives. But for now until next year in September, I shall do dairy-free and re-evaluate then.
      If I choose by then to just cut out the milk, I will know if I start to introduce other things back, whether to cut it out again, or not.
      For now, as I expect less phlegm, or none at all. I had no phlegm for a short while until eating things that possibly had dairy in. I had a little irritation with the hayfever and asthma on a few days too. But mostly I feel fine for it.
      I am not missing certain things as I thought and it’s easier to eat in at home than out. But I do scour possible places to eat out, to see what choice I may have, if I ate there. Xx

      1. That sounds like a really rational plan of attack, and fingers crossed the phlegm, irritation and asthma can maybe see a bit of benefit from less inflammation. I imagine eating out could be a challenge, though thankfully these days more and more places are trying to cater to intolerances, allergies and preferences. Looking forward to your posts on it all 🙂

      2. Thank you.

        When it comes to eating out, I shall play safe and stick with vegan meals, unless of course there may an occasion I fancy fish and chips, so I will have that if they fry the fish, minus the batter. 🙂

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