Book review: “How to cook food for food allergies,” by Lucinda Bruce-Gardyne.

As you know from Chit-chat July, I discovered this book in my library, with choosing to further go dairy-free in my diet. The book in the photograph, is the one I had from the library, until I bought my own second-hand copy, from eBay.

Book cover of How to cook food for food allergies
Book cover of “How to cook food for food allergies,” by Lucinda Bruce-Gardyne.

Although I bought it for dairy-free advice, this book also covers for those who can’t eat eggs, soya, nuts and gluten.

I love how the book is presented, to help you cut out what you need to cut out in your food. In this case, dairy for me. It gives you alternatives to use instead.

There is very helpful advice, like how to avoid cross-contamination of foods that would cause a reaction in those that can’t have particular foods.
It also gives advice on how you can make cooking for a family easier for yourself.
It advises on other things like making sure nursery, or schools are happy and confident in catering for your child with a food allergy, and how you can make sure their parties remain safe, while still being fun and not making them feel excluded, or feel different.

As well as advice on cooking at home, there is advice when it comes to eating out.

For each food ingredient that would need to be left out, there is an alternative suggestion you can use in its place.

There is a handy table that shows what nutrients you may be missing out of, when cutting out either dairy, egg, wholegrain wheat, white wheat flour, soya, or nuts, with information on what those nutrients do and where else you could get those from.

In the last part of the book, there are recipes, which the author has kept as simple as possible.
Many recipes are suitable for all allergies mentioned, without adapting. But where a recipe will need adapting, it’s clearly marked with a flagging system for that allergy and an alternative is given.


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  1. I have been avoiding wheat and dairy products which has been beneficial for me. There still foods that upset my digestive system. I have never considered cross contamination of foods before. I now must research that further. Thanks Liz.

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