Cyber bullies, you need to STOP!

Bullies. I don’t care if you are sad, having problems at home, or whatever. I don’t care. At the end of the day it doesn’t give you an excuse to bully someone else.
Growing up hasn’t been easy for me. But I did not turn into a bully, so why should you?

Bullying and cyber bullying of any kind is not acceptable at all. It doesn’t matter who you are bullying and whether you know them, or not. It’s still NOT acceptable.
Do you realise the damage you cause?
Are you going to take responsibility for the damage caused by your bullying?

If you have a problem in your life, rather than bully someone, reach out to someone close to you for help and stop the bullying. If you have no one close to support you, then speak with a doctor about your feelings, or a counselor.
Even if you have no issues in your life, still STOP.

For my readers:

No, I am not being bullied, but there is someone I follow who I know is being bullied and it has been going on for some time.
I am not revealing who is being bullied and if you know, please don’t reveal. Your comment won’t be on show, if you do.

I know that the person who is being cyberbullied, reads my blog and so I don’t want this person to reveal it is them being bullied, because I don’t want them to be further bullied.

If you are being cyberbullied, then visiting the following link below, will give you advice on what you can do.


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30 thoughts on “Cyber bullies, you need to STOP!

    1. Yes, they are sick who bully people. ‘Sick’ is the first thing that comes to my mind.

      You think this day and age you wouldn’t get it. It’s shocking.

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    1. Yes. I have experienced it myself some years ago. But I soon stopped that one. Their ip address gave it away and it turned out someone I knew. I was done with that one obviously and revealed in a blog post I knew and that I would keep appropriate evidence to prove and take it further. That person did not do it further.

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    1. It is and as I have just said to someone else here in this post, I once experienced it myself some years ago. But soon nipped that one in the bud.

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    1. Yes, from reading about it or hearing about it for someone else it can be a traumatic thing to experience.
      To say it has been raised in the past by celebrities to raise awareness on it, it just doesn’t seem to be getting better.
      It does need to stop.

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  1. Bullying is unacceptable and really there is no excuse for it. I grew up in a physically and mentally abusive home but I use that as an excuse to bully people. I was also bullied as an adult by an extended family member for 21 years, he thought he was being funny. I couldn’t tolerate it anymore and asked for respect. It came to an end 6 years ago with the result being me dumped by two family members. The burden has been lifted from my shoulders

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    1. I am glad you felt the burden lift. When I was in a first relationship, that was mentally abusive at times. I didn’t see that then, but it was after I left and looking back that I realised. I left after being raped, amongst other things. But rape was the final straw. I had a burden that lifted, when I left.
      Sorry to hear you found a couple of family members not supportive. But that’s their loss and you better off without them.


      1. I am happy and content now. My only knock back was when I discovered an ex was a child abuser. I found that out by accident, just days after the double funeral of my cousin and her husband. I don’t know if you seen it when I talked about that in a post or not, as I can’t remember if you have followed that long.


      2. Sometimes we never get to know the truth about someone, they are good at keeping secrets and so are other people that know and never bother to tell you. Be blessed and love life Liz.


      3. His secret was hidden in all the six years I went out with him and knowing him before that, as a friend. It floors me to find that one out. Some people don’t seem to understand how I will never go out with anyone again, but those that struggle with understanding this, are starting to believe what I mean.
        I wish I was there in the court room, to stare at his face the whole time through the hearing.
        I have done more since not being with him and even more after my family’s death’s and knowing his sick secret. There’s more I want to do. But I don’t have the money for that at the moment. Soon as I am in another part time job and have moved, then I will work on those things I want to do. 🙂


      4. After going through two abusive marriages I have chosen never to get involved in another relationship. I haven’t got any money either because I lost my savings in the last marriage. I just live from week to week. Being safe is important. Have a lovely day.

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      5. My first relationship I lost my money. Being young and thinking he had changed, I went and got a loan out and paid one of his debts off. I realised 3 months later he had not changed. I am lucky I was able to save again after that relationship. But I knew I was never going to do that again, regardless of how trustworthy the person could have been.
        After the last relationship and finding out what he was, my only concentration is to be me. I am lucky I can trust a man again as a friend. But it never be more than that.
        Being safe is important, I agree.
        Have a lovely day yourself.

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  2. I detest bullies! I’ve never had any problems with cyber-bullying, but I was bullied once by a spiteful co-worker who was angry that I’d received a promotion. I dealt with it by letting her do her worst while I smiled and took it in stride. She finally went too far, top management stepped in to investigate, and long and short of it she quickly began looking for another job and left the company ASAP. I was in a position of strength and confidence, so my approach worked for me. What I find problematic is the bullying that goes on in schools. We have one grandson who is consistently bullied by his peers, and sad to say we have one grandson who has gotten a reputation as a bully. We’re not sure how to talk to and/or advise either one. We have clearly expressed our thoughts about how wrong it is to bully others, and we’ve made suggestions on how to deal with bullies. I don’t know that our words have had any effect.

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    1. Yes, the way you handled the work bully was handled well. When I had issues at my old work place, which although there were two in particular, I was waiting on one to slip up further, after I took my complaint to the highest. But he did slip up the further and was quite the opposite. But he did lose his position and he was a step down in position to before

      For the grandson being bullied, I read that school is always best to approach first. Encourage the grandson to talk about it, so he doesn’t feel alone, if he doesn’t talk about it openly already.
      As for the other grandson, you can’t say that you have not tried talking to him. It’s a bit of an awkward situation for you all and I suppose feeling helpless at times, wondering why he doesn’t stop bullying. Have you managed to find out why he thinks it’s ok to bully?

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      1. When we’ve discussed the subject he’s quick to say that bullying is wrong and that he would never do that. We’ve heard otherwise, however, so it’s an awkward situation, indeed.

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  3. Amen to that! Very poignant post, Liz. Cyber bullying is definitely not okay. I think it’s an easier way for people to build themselves up by putting others down. I’m sorry a blogging friend of yours has been experiencing this. Absolutely unacceptable! x

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    1. It is unacceptable.
      I agree with you on that regarding they think it’s an easier way to build themselves up by putting one down, but as most of us will agree, I find that hard to understand. But then I have a conscience. (I think I spelt that right.) I wouldn’t be able to live with myself and sleep at night being that kind of bully. X

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  4. We also had a problem with cyper bullies in my family. My husband and I plus our kids had to get off Facebook, change our emails, and change our phone numbers because of my mother and some of her family members (who are also mine of course) that started bulling us.

    Actually they bullied me my whole life, I was just used to it. But when I saw my kids being made into the next generation to be bullied in the family I had no choice but to go no contact.

    I even have old photos of me being bullied while my cousins are in the background laughing and smiling while my mother was doing it and taking a photo of it happening.

    My mom was weird like that, she sometimes like to take photos of her emotional abuse. There are photos of crying kids, anger when my mom surprised my dad when he was busy and hurt himself, she just took a photo and kept it…strange. Now I have those photos.

    We still get letters through the mail from my 70 year old mother every now and then. And up in that small town where we have Our Little Red House, she still interferes in our life by getting others to dislike us with her manipulative ways.

    We have come a long way in the 8 years since going no contact. I even got up the courage to start a blog. My mom doesn’t know about it. otherwise she would send her family members to my site to cause chaos in my life once again.

    I still worry a little when ever I get on to check comments, wondering if my mother has found my little place where I feel safe to just be me, creating, sharing and meeting others who have similar stories.

    They found my daughter the other month online because she used her real name on one of her social media sites. She had to shut down her all her sites and let her friends know she was going to be off for awhile until she figured out who to block.

    It is no fun being bullied. I hope your friend is able to find some peace from it. And you are so strong for standing up and speaking out against it. So sorry to read about your troubles as well. May only good things happen to you from this moment forward. Have a good week.


    1. How awful what you have experienced and shocking to have it so close who came from. It don’t give much option when it’s that extent and closing social media down and going instead as anom some way.
      I have felt so strong when I written that post because I am sick of seeing this person bullied.

      Thank you for your kind wishes in regards to my troubles I am having. X


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