With the exception of speaking to a counselor, a nurse, or a doctor, speaking about my feelings to anyone else can be really hard. And for my friends reading this, who I have spoken to on either a verbal, or written level, although we may have talked about some sensitive stuff, that may seem as though I find it easy. It isn’t.

I have written about how I have felt here at times in posts. The most revealing and only deep revealing was when I first started writing my blog I think and more so when I shared my last two counseling sessions when I went in with one thing and, then came out with another and it was agreed that talking about that was needed, but not rushed, that was everything from my childhood. Some of which I did not even realise how it was affecting my present.
Since then, I have shared other emotions, but only scratching the surface type level.
I read another blogger’s post about how he was feeling and I could relate to what he was saying, even though our situations are different. So I left a comment there, which was gratefully appreciated, knowing it wasn’t just him. He wrote the post to raise awareness and I have been thinking since reading his post that it’s about time I write about my own and air it soon.
Also with how I currently feel after this weekend, or more Sunday’s event with my mum, means I need to write a separate post on how I feel about that. So look out for two separate posts.
In the meantime, do you find it a struggle to express your feels? Whether it being finding the right words and writing a blog post, or verbally talking about it?
Do you find counselor’s, nurse, doctors, etc more easier, than friends, or family?
Are there a couple of friends you feel you can share your feelings, more than others?

Share your views here.


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9 thoughts on “Feelings

    1. It can be easier for me in writing. But how I have been feeling a lately, I have not been fully truthful in my writing. I have found it a little difficult to get the right words down.

  1. Do I struggle to express the way I feel? Today, I’d say no and sometimes yes, due to our limited vocabulary.
    Decades ago, when I was in counseling, I was told to write down “feeling” words. (this is embarrassing, but I will say it here) I had no idea what they were talking about, What were feeling words? So they gave me an intense list of “feeling words” and my world opened up a bit more.

    I never cared for counselors or other professionals to talk with. They always seemed more concerned with their life or work schedule. One such person kept watching the time, when it was ‘my time’ to be there. Then they told me not to come back, because I refused to open up and talk. Doctors or other professionals were too busy to “hear” me. I would have to say, there is nothing like talking to a good friend or any number of plants, animals or insects. 😀 And it’s free!

    1. I can understand it varying each day with words when it comes to expressing feelings.
      Yes, pets and plants are free to talk to. I talk to plants, but only saying how ptetty they are and how well they look. But problems. No. But when I had my cats and especially my last two, I talk to them about my problems.
      I have a very good friend I email who I can talk to openly and another via a text if I allow myself.
      Another friend who I consider close and eventually got to open myself a little bit more at times then usual, I feel our friendship has changed, which I won’t go into here, but I feel I can’t chat about anything like before, or feel free to overload my problems onto him.
      Another friend I have, who I try and see a couple of times a year, she always offers to text her anytime kind of thing, with how things get difficult. I need to take that offer. 🙂
      But here, I also need to offload it, as it will help others too that know it’s not wrong feeling that way, or strange.

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