Investing in my walking

As I have mentioned in a few of my blog posts and via other people’s blog’s, that when it comes to walking, I’ve never failed on this.
Yes, on some days when I’m very tired, getting the up and go in me to walk can be a little difficult at times, but some how, I still manage to get myself out there and walk.

I had the urge to run one time, which lasted some good months, as you know, but I’ve never got round to the running part, regardless of me buying the gear to run in. I don’t think it will happen now, but I will never say never, because you never know. But I know the walking will always happen.
The running gear has not been wasted though.
My trainers I have walked in plenty and due to foot pain I had at one point in my left foot, these trainers were essential around that time. I also had to ease off the walking a little, to give my foot a chance to settle. But I am now back to my usual walking.
My jogging bottoms I wear in, or out the house. To wear out as casuals feels strange though, as I have not worn jogging bottoms all day before to walk out in since my 20’s. Only time I wore jogging bottoms were when I went to Pilates class, but soon as I was back home, I’d change into something else.
The only bottoms I have worn in the home, were a pair to lounge in, for when I really wanted to relax in, which were a Christmas present from a friend. They are really soft and comfy.
My cap I have not worn yet, but when the sun’s out blazin hot, then it will come in handy to protect my head while out walking. But this will be strange, as I have not worn a cap for a while.
The one t-shirt I bought for running in, I wear as any of my other tops of mine. So again, not wasted.
My running belt will probably come in handy one day, so not getting rid just yet.
And not forgetting my Garmin Forerunner 30 watch. I still use it to track my walks. But I probably would not buy another tracker type watch, if anything went wrong with this one down the line and just use Google instead for whenever I am interested in distance walked.

So my investment in walking, is a pair of lace up walking boots, which I bought during the short time I was in a second cleaning job.

Ecco Lace up walking boots in black and grey
Ecco walking boots

These boots are from Ecco. (My second pair of Ecco shoes.)
These lace-up walking boots will give me stability for my ankles and ideal on most terrains, where I don’t need to worry about whether they get muddy, or scuffed, compared to my other boots.
These boots will also come in handy for future volunteer work with my local conservation group I joined, this year. They will also come in handy for when I am around that nature reserve on my own, as well as new walks I may take myself on, elsewhere.

These walking boots are light and comfy on first impressions while at first trialing them inside my home for over a week. But time will tell when I am out there.
I hope I find down the line, that I am happy with these, as I was with my first pair of shoes. My first time walking out in them, at Sherwood Forest, I forgot I had them on at one point, so all seems well with them.

Black Ecco boots
My Ecco boots for walking in town (My first pair.)


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6 thoughts on “Investing in my walking

  1. A passing thought: You could wear your hat inside to “break it in” until it ‘feels like you’ for wearing it outside in the sun.

  2. I live in joggers and tees all year. I don’t own shoes, just a pair of trainers and a pair of boots, the latter of which I have worn half a dozen times. I wear my trainers every day and buy two pairs a year as I walk miles. We used to clock it, and one week, I walked over 30 miles. My average for the month would be around 78. It’s good for clearing my mind, soothing my nerves, exercise and keeping the dog happy four to six times a day.

    1. That’s lots of walking. But you are right, it’s certainly good for the mind, soothing the nerves, as well as good exercise. I bet your dog knows when it’s next walk is due and loves it.

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