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I have had a strong urges to walk these past few months and irritability, when I do not get my walks in. The walking bug has come on in unexpectedly strong urges. Just wanting to get out there and walk.

The most I have ever walked so far, was on 7th July. I walked 4.5 miles, in my local area, not pictured. This walk was exploring my area, seeing where it would take me. It’s possibly I could have walked more than this, when I got lost once when walking around another park, I blogged about here in 2018. But I never recorded the miles, or had a clue where I was to find out.
My walk could have easily been spoilt by my asthma, but thankfully I did better than expected. This walk was longer than I expected, but I enjoyed exploring.

Here are just a few photos, from other walks.

Quarry Lane Nature Reserve

One of a few photos I taken a bit back, when walking round my local nature reserve in Mansfield. This is only just one part of it. There is more to see than just this.

Quarry Lane Nature Reserve, Mansfield

To know more about this nature reserve and others near by, visit Maun Conservation Group.

Sherwood Forest

I went to Sherwood Forest when I took these two photos. My first time seeing the new visitor centre, since it was built.

It wasn’t just to see the new visitor centre I wanted to see, I wanted my walk too and you have to go to look at the oak tree when there, no matter how many times you have been before. It’s a tree with a lot of history, due to how old it is.

Oak tree
Oak tree at Sherwood Forest.
Two statues in a fighting pose on a small wooden bridge
Statues outside visitor centre

For more about Sherwood Forest, visit https://www.visitsherwood.co.uk/

And I bought this cute little thing.

Small hedgehog toy
Small hedgehog toy


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23 thoughts on “Just another walking post

    1. Sherwood Forest’s famous oak tree is impressive. I have been fascinated with the oak tree since a child.
      Mum has a hedgehog too, after seeing mine.

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  1. That is a Mighty Oak indeed. Thank you for sharing your wonderful images. Has your new friend met Noel and ? (sorry, name evades me). You are creating a wonderful lil family there!

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    1. The oak is indeed and something I have liked to see each time I visit Sherwood Forest, since a child.

      Noel, Nick and Bob have probably seen my new friend from a distance, from where they are sitting. But my knew friend is sitting on my coffee table, with the koala.

      My mum has a hedgehog too, after seeing mine.

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      1. Yep…yer family just keeps on growing! Complete with ‘grandkids’ from your mum. (that’s a little backwards) Christmas time could be a hoot with all the mischief and fun they could get into.

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      2. Lol. You never know. I may have gained a new little fellow, but I am making sure I don’t get anymore, unless of course I declutter something first. I don’t want to be overwhelmed.
        The next thing, needs to be the real thing, like possibly a pet one day. As you know hamster has been on the cards, but with recent events and again, what is kind of being raked from my childhood after triggers, I am debating on this. Especially if I still plan to go on holidays later, when money allows. X

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  2. Love your little hedgehog Liz.
    Nice pictures. We are lucky in that we have a lovely park five minutes away and the beach a few minutes further than that. Plenty of walks for us and the dog

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    1. I love my area for nearby park and nature reserves. I just seen a post of yours with the beach, so with and your lovely park, you have nice places to walk too.

      Sherwood Forest is a bus ride away, I think about 45 minutes and then a 10 – 15 minute walk to visitor centre on Sherwood Forest and further in to the actual woods and the oak itself after, which I’ve not timed.

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      1. Walking along the beach in all seasons, must be really interesting. Watching the different colours in the skies and the sea.


  3. So beautiful, I would be visiting the Old Oak Tree oh the vibrations from it must be amazing. I love to walk and would be out there exploring like you nature has a strong call and healing effect on our whole being. Thank you Liz I found your page through your link.

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    1. Thank you for visiting and enjoying the posts.
      Yes, going out in natute is so healing.
      Kew Gardens is a lovely place to visit too and I seemed to be drawn to one particular tree there. This I blogged about too. 🙂
      I hope to re-visit Kew Garden again in a year, or two.

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