WordPress, sort out your spam system!

This gripe follows on from My gripe with WordPress. As I commented on there in the comments today, I said how I heard from a blogger that I like to comment on her blog, but all of a sudden, I couldn’t. This was because I was in her spam box.

So WordPress, pay attention. Stop playing with things that people don’t want. But start sorting out the issue where genuine comments fall in the spam box, that shouldn’t be there.

I am not saying first time commenters. I am saying readers who have commented for some time on my blog, without any issues, but all of a sudden now appear in my spam box. I now have also experienced where I have appeared in a bloggers spam box, on a blog I regularly commented on before.

So as this is a common problem amongst bloggers, isn’t it time WordPress you start sorting it? Especially as there are bloggers here who pay for their blog.

In the meantime, until WordPress are bothered, do make sure you check your spam box at least once a week, because you may find a genuine reader who has commented, but landed up there.


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14 thoughts on “WordPress, sort out your spam system!

  1. 🙂 Liz, I have made it a habit of mine to rummage through my spam on a daily basis. As you have rightly pointed out, comments that are not spam do end up in the spam area.

    Akismet is not perfect (And, the WordPress engineers would agree that it is in no way perfect).

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  2. Liz I have the problem too. In fact I fished quite a few of your comments to me out of my Spam box yesterday. Along with a few others who regularly comnent on my posts. It needs sorting by WirdPress

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      1. It is becoming a real problem Liz. I don’t know what WP are going to do about it. Mi do look in my Spam box regularly but last week I had been feelng ill so was not as on top of things as normal. I feel very upset about it as it interferes with relationships. Xxxx

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      2. I totally agree that this can interfere with relationships.
        People say that it is a known problem and not perfect the spam filter, but in my opinion, it has got worse. It was never like this before, to this extent and when I used to blog with another blog, when I came over to WordPress with it, it never happened on that blog. Only genuine spammers were found there and so I felt I did not have to check on it as I do now. Xx


    1. I have followed a few blogs in the past by email, but I like to use the reader, but I have been lucky not to find them in my spam.


  3. I check my spam box every day and it’s usually full of junk but sometimes I find comments in there that shouldn’t be and unspam them. As I pick them up relatively quickly, I don’t have a problem and it is usually just the once.

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    1. I have never used their app, as I am not an app person. But I hear so many complaints now and again regarding it, that it just wouldn’t interest me to even try it. I’m happy to use my browser, wherever I choose to blog, or read from.

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