Chit-chat August

Blood pressure

I was concerned with this at home, while taking my readings for my doctor, after the last visit and so rather hand my readings in, I made an appointment instead, because they were higher than normal for home.
What I didn’t know doctors do with those readings is work out your average from that and he told me from that average what he would like to see go lower. This was the bottom number.

I seen a different doctor, as the other one I have seen mainly, did not work on that particular day I called in. He was a doctor who soon put you at ease and was aware before I started to speak, that I lipread.

I now have a couple of other appointments.
First one is ECG and blood taken. I am not worried about this, as been there before some years ago.
Then at the second appointment I see the doctor who I seen last, for results of my ECG and blood test. I also take a urine sample that day to him.

Between my last appointment and when I see the doctor again, in September, I am to continue taking my blood pressure readings, but this time, just two, or three times a week; morning and evening.

My break from work, helped me to feel more like me, than I have ever felt for a while this year. It helped my fatigue that I had been having for some time, although I still have odd times of bad bouts of fatigue. Does this mean I have to listen to my body more?
I crashed as I expected on the weekend leading up to my break from work. But my recovery was quicker than expected. Regardless, I still took it easy.
My mood during that time was stressful to start, but I got myself to relax after a few days. But I had and still do, have some down days with how things have been.

I plan to go back to work, tomorrow.

During this time, I felt I had to cut ties with my mum, so the next time seeing her from last, was just over a week. Seeing her for the first time yesterday, after my break, went ok and I ended up staying a little longer than planned.
I have a letter written by my mum, for me, to read when I feel settled. This obviously is not something I will go into detail, in a later post when I have. Not even a protected post. I said to mum this could be end of September before I read this, at the earliest. I am waiting until appointments are out the way and I know what’s what. But all the same, the letter fills me with dread, because I have mostly had bad experiences when it comes to her letters.

Learning something new, was when I learnt how to blanch. This was needed for my Tomato and broccoli quiche (dairy-free).

As well as making the quiche, I also made some strawberry chia jam tarts, from the left over pastry, with me having the strawberries and chia seeds to hand.

Chia strawberry jam tarts
Chia strawberry jam tarts

I also made some petticoat tails. The recipe for those you will find in an old “McDougalls better baking 33rd edition” book.

Here are just some of mine made, on a plate.

A few of my biscuits on the plate
Petticoat tails

It’s been a good number of years since I last made these biscuits and when I made them again today, I put less caster sugar in them, than the recipe says, because I find them too sweet otherwise.

From the same book, I made cheese scones. Again, adapting so it’s dairy free. I made these yesterday. 😊

I have read a book called, “Keeping Secrets,” by Andrew Rosenheim. A fictional story.

DVD’s watched:

  • Fantastic Beasts and Where to find them
  • The Phantom of the Opera (film, staring Gerald Butler.)
  • (Re-watched) As good as it gets
  • (Re-watched) The Phantom of the Opera at The Royal Albert Hall
  • (Re-watched) Man of Steel
  • (Re-watched) Sum of all Fears



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26 thoughts on “Chit-chat August

  1. The Sum of All Fears was a brilliant film, and I like Gerard Butler as the Phantom. Never knew he could sing until then!
    Biscuits and tarts look yummy.

    1. I couldn’t imagine Gerard Butler as a single either. I really liked this film, that I have now seen it more than once. It’s not a disappointment.

      Thank you. I enjoyed the tarts and biscuits, but my next batch of biscuits have less caster sugar in them. I should find these not too sweet, hopefully.

      1. I make a crumble topping with porridge oats and museli or granola cereal. No added sugar, fat or flour, then put it on the top of fruit and cook it in the microwave for 5 minutes. Sometimes I prefer to cook the fruit a little first.

      2. I have made a healthy version crumble too, using oats. I have it on my blog somewhere, which I posted a year or two ago. I absolutely loved it and made a changed.

    1. Baking I have surprisingly enjoyed, as I get back into it.
      I love Phantom of the Opera and love both stage and the film version.
      I have loved Phantom of the Opera ever since when I first seen Michael Crawford do it.

      1. The dvd I mentioned in my list of the stage version I seen, anniversary edition, you should still be able to get your hands on it some way. I bought mine second hand originally.
        I can just imagine how great it would have been sitting in the audience watching it, when I watched the dvd for the first time originally.

  2. Your tarts and biscuits look delicious! I’ve recently made a jam from mixed berries and chia seeds. Our berries are done for the season, sad to say. I love having fresh strawberries and fresh blackberries. We’ve tried growing blueberries — no luck there. Next year we’re adding raspberries, I hope. We also have grapes, but the birds always seem to get them before we do.

    1. It’s lovely to have fresh from the garden, so I can imagine the enjoyment. I have had the experience of fresh when I once grown a bit of my own, when I had a garden. Other rarer opportunities are offerings from other people’s gardening.
      I have heard of having to be quick when it comes to the grapes, as I have a friend who has some in hers and the same problem.

      1. And something got most of my tomatoes! I had 5 on the vine earlier. We picked one… and now there’s only 1 left, plus a new little one that’s just starting to grow. I’m going to have to fence the tomato vine in, I guess. I was very disappointed!

    1. I really enjoyed my tarts. I have not made jam tarts since a kid. So it was nice to make my own, with my own chia jam that I made.
      I never get bored with Phantom of the Opera. I shall keep watching. 🙂

    1. Thank you. When I made a second batch of those biscuits, using less caster sugar, I enjoyed them better, as they were not too sweet like before, with my tastbuds changing. 😊
      As good as it gets is a very funny film.

  3. Ooo the Petticoat tails look yum! I’m glad you’ve taken a little break, and it’s good you’ve managed to get in to the GP and get some tests arranged. Will keep my fingers crossed for you lovely. I also hope things go okay with your mum  ♥

    1. It was kind of like therapy for me, hence a lot of baking around that time, while trying new things. They were all tasty. 🙂

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