My dairy-free journey – Part 2

So in My dairy-free journey – Part 1, I talked about how I hit an area of confusion when it came to some labelling I noticed. I said I would talk about it further in my next post, so this post is just on that.

Just like in this link discussion, which will take you to Allergy Insight, it is shown how people cannot come to same agreement.
I doubt coming to the same  agreement will happen in my lifetime. But I would like to see it happen.

‘Dairy free’ is what I have known for years, as a label. I have known and trusted this term even before becoming dairy-free myself.

A new labelling I have come across is ‘milk free.’
I don’t know how long this has started being labelled on ‘Free From’ products, but I have only become recently aware of it, being dairy-free this time round. I am very cautious about this labelling and I have every reason to.

I wrote to two companies; one a well known supermarket and the other a manufacturer of a product I recently bought, but was hesitant to use, regardless it was suitable for vegans and because I just turned something else down at my mum’s that seamt ok looking at ingredients, but didn’t have faith in it, when it came to the pastry.

Supermarket’s reply to me was short. They did not answer all my questions because they did not answer a question I had on a particular product, in addition to their labelling. All they said was, “… products that are milk free are not always completely dairy free.

Our free from range is filled with dairy free and many other free from products, so always be sure to double check the ingredients.”

Where as the manufacturer of a couple of products I wanted to query, they were more helpful. They said “Milk-free and dairy-free do mean the same thing however this may differ on our packaging depending on what version is being used…

Whilst our chicken pies do not contain any dairy, they are produced at the same site as our quiche which does, which is why we do not make a dairy or milk free claim on them.

Our pastry is produced on a different line and as a result, is safe to be labelled milk free.

If any milk containing ingredients are used in our products then this will be clearly labelled in our ingredients deck…”

Now armed with the answers from both places I contacted, from this, for me, I know my choices. But you can see why there is still confusion about labelling on food products?
For me, as I don’t have an allergy with milk that it can harm me, I can relax. But can someone with a serious milk allergy relax with these replies?


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6 thoughts on “My dairy-free journey – Part 2

  1. I took to reading the labels about 20 odd years ago when trying to come to terms with different fats and calorie counts. We don’t have problems with dairy products as a rule, but neither of us can drink full milk now as it is simply too rich. We’ve always bought UHT skimmed milk as we buy it for the month. Hubby has issues with reflux which may, or may not, be a gluten problem though once we have confirmed a product that affects him, we avoid it. Diet is more than counting calories, fats, sugars and carbs isn’t it. It’s a fine balancing act for the individual and making choices to suit.

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    1. Yes, it’s a fine balancing act to suit the individual as for so many years I was reading the labels to be aware of sugar and salt intake, so it wasn’t excessive.

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    1. They do. I would like to see it clearer at dispkays in cafes. There are two cafes I used to go regular that I don’t now. Both don’t display like other cafes do of the food items and one of them I asked if there was anything in sweet or savoury I could eat and there wasn’t.

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