Fibbing Friday- 13th September

I have decided to join in with Fibbing Friday today.
To see how to join in and what it is about, do visit Pensitivity101.

1. If flower seeds give us flowers and tomato seeds give us tomatoes, what does bird seed give us?

My answer: Lots of shit.

2. How do you make a cat flap?

My answer: (I hope you have seen the Felix advert one time.) Get your cat a pack of its favourite Felix treats, stick the cat outside and close the door, while you remain on the inside. Shake the Felix treats and your cat should come charging through the door, creating a hole for your cat flap.
Ask for a refund, if it doesn’t happen. Lol.

3. Why is Friday 13th considered unlucky?

My answer: It was a job that the witches created, passing on their superstitions. They never realised how popular it would become though.

4. When is the Witching Hour?

My answer: Every hour you feel like it.

5. Are familiars always cats?

My answer: Yes by day. But in another form at night.

6. Where did McDonald’s originate?

My answer: From a farm.

7. What was the first thing Sleeping Beauty said when roused from sleep by her prince?

My answer: Eww. Your breath smells. Have a mint.

8. What’s the difference between a sink and a basin?

My answer: A sink holds a lot, while a basin holds a little. But if you are a witch, you may be able to create a sink hole and hold a hell of a lot more.

9. Why does the wind howl?

My answer: It has a lot to say.

10. Why do we say swinging the lead?

My answer: So the lead isn’t leading anymore.

7 thoughts on “Fibbing Friday- 13th September

  1. Love it! What form do familiars take at night if not cats?
    I need to catch up on your blog but I just wanted to say congrats on getting the other cleaning job, and how exciting you’ve adopted a little furbaby! What’s he called? I hope you’re keeping as well as possible, Liz, and that the week ahead treats you kindly  ♥
    Caz xx

    1. Hi Caz. Hope you are ok too and thanks for stopping by. I’ve called her Daisy. I will be revealing her in this months chit-chat post.
      It’s been a bit of a struggle for me at times, in between the joys and relief of getting my morning job and having my hamster, Daisy. Xx

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