Chit-chat September – Part 1

As I started creating this post before airing, it started short and now it’s got longer. I was going to air it as one, but now doing it over two posts, because there is something happening on what I was sharing and I won’t have an update yet, as this post airs. So see part 2 for that.

Over my two posts, it will contain mostly good things, as well as updates, but also a part regarding my mum, which is in this post. Not a heavy post written, but stressful for me obviously.
It also contains sweet things. I have been baking and there is a small bit of cuteness at the end. (I am imagining you, now the reader going, I wonder what that can be? and skipping to the end, before reading the rest. So don’t cheat now, will you? 😉

So time for Part 1 and all being well, part 2 will air at the weekend.

Looking for flats

I shall start looking at council flats for me, near the end of this month. Being back at band 5 now will make it extremely difficult to get a council flat. But I will bid, because one day, I may be lucky. But until then, while I am renting private and even if I am lucky to be in a second cleaning job, I don’t plan to move within the next year, or the year after. I just don’t want any unnecessary stress, after the year I’ve had. Speaking of job, carry on reading and find out the latest on that.

While I continue to live where I am, I have put my large canvas picture of Miley back up on the wall. It’s now above the settee, so I could use what was already in the wall. (Well it was, until I moved the settee.) I have really missed having it up on my wall.
My peg lights I had there are down at the moment. They will go up again somewhere, when I have painted the the living room walls and ceiling.
A couple of my bedroom walls will be painted first, as this room is the room that looks tired still.

Job interview

Looking for a second job that I can do in a morning, since leaving that other one, has been quiet. There was either nothing being advertised, or I noticed it was jobs I have already applied for twice before and so I did not apply again for a third, because it makes you wonder what they are like as an employer, to have to keep advertising for another cleaner in just months. 
But eventually, something came up and I applied for a cleaning job of 15 hours per week.
This job was working Monday to Friday, preferably early morning, which was perfect for me.
I had an interview near beginning of September and I was very impressed with the company and so I hoped I would get the opportunity to work for them. I felt a good vibe about it too. The feeling was just like when I was interviewed for the evening job I do. 

I ended up getting this job and I started the next morning! And I still remain impressed with the company and I am enjoying it.

But now I am in morning work, means no regular volunteering. So I said bye bye again at the one I have done the longest and that I returned back to when I left my previous morning job. But I hope to at least see them once a month and depending on time I see them, maybe just help now and again for an hour, or so.
The conservation group one I not long joined, I let them know I wouldn’t be able to make regular monthly bird surveys. But anytime on annual leave from work and I am doing nothing, I will join in then, as well as when they advertise their litter picking.

I also had to see my mum face-to-face early September, as mum was still breaking a boundary when it came to texts. I did a meet-up because I had this feeling that mum wasn’t getting any texts off me when I reminded her of my boundary she was breaking. And I was right. So I sorted out her phone and we had a chat. This chat we both benefited on. But I still want this break, because there were still traits that are going to trigger me and mum said she would respect that, so I felt more confident that we would work things out.
But mum still ignored my boundary and so I really ended up being more assertive than I have ever been and said if she can’t respect this boundary, then I will make it no contact at all, until I am ready to contact her in November.
Mum’s nurse spoke to her about this and reminded her about the no contact until particular times and how I love her and she also praised me for looking after myself and that how I will contact her when ready, while she was reading the letter.
I am to contact mum’s nurse, should there be any problems, which I ended up doing, after still ignoring this one simple boundary. So now, I have done what I said I would do and that’s no contact at all until I am ready in November.

Going to Oxford

I am going to Oxford soon, to see my friend again. I’m looking forward to being there. It will be nice to have spending money on me this time.

I have baked the following, since last chit-chat post:

Lemon and orange marmalade cake with drizzled white icing
Lemon and orange marmalade cake

I don’t like marmalade, but I was open-minded and made the above cake, to see if I would like it. And I did.

As for my banana cake, not pictured, I absolutely loved it. It was the first time me making this and I added cinnamon to mine. It’s one I have made again since, but minus the demera sugar on the top.
I can see why most people like banana cake.

I have been watching:

  • Norman Wisdom’s films I have in a DVD box set
  • Some Mothers Do ‘Ave’ Em
  • Fantastic Beasts The Crimes of Grindlewald

I have been re-watching some of my other dvd’s as well, as well as some other bought second-hand dvd’s. My dvd’s remain as one of my escapes.

I have been reading:

  • “No Surrender – Women’s Suffrage in Nottinghamshire.” This was compiled by Nottingham Women’s History Group.

I have re-arranged some of my furniture in the living room. Only my dining table has stayed where it always has, since living here. I have been debating on doing this for a while now and I like it. It feels even more cosy. I don’t plan to share a photo of my new layout, but if you look up an old post, just imagine it.
My settee is now facing the window, so I can look out at my lovely view.
My bookcase that has things on display of my last cat, Miley, is to the left of me when sitting on my settee. Books reaching distance, while sat down.
Coffee table is in front of me.
My lamp I had in the corner originally, is on my bookcase. So not moved far.

I don’t use my computer table now for my computer. The computer is now in the corner where my lamp used to be, on top of the filing cabinet. I stand to type, which is not regular I use my computer this way, as I watch dvd’s more on it. But it’s the right height to stand at, should I need to.
My 3-tier shelving is still on the same side as before. I have just moved it up towards near the door, where bookcase was originally.
Computer table has been lowered, so it’s one level. So now it’s a small table. And what I am now using this for, is for my lovely cuteness.

The cuteness

You are going to have to wait for part 2.

I know. I know. That was so cruel. But what I was going to write and what further I may end up writing about the cuteness, would have made the post very long. This was the part I mentioned near the beginning that something has come up and although I have the answers myself possibly, I just want them confirmed.

So do look out for part 2, where the cuteness can be talked about longer. For the very small few who know about the cuteness, or have an idea, please don’t reveal here. Lets not spoil the fun. 🙂


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17 thoughts on “Chit-chat September – Part 1

  1. Obtaining council flats seems more complicated than I thought, though my niece had problems even with two young children. She opted for a private landlord miles away and after two years, he sold the property and they had nowhere to go, so applied to the council who said she would have to return to her home town. Her parents footed the moving bill and provided her with the deposit and up front rent on a flat, again privately owned. I don’t know where she is living now apart from the area, and has only the one daughter living at home now, who is 19 and working. The other has moved on and has a family of her own. It makes me feel old! (hell, I am old!!)
    A positive post, and if I told Hubby about your marmalade cake, he would be drooling at your door. It’s his favourite, and ‘fee’ for any repair work he did for friends or family, only charging for any spares he had to purchase.
    Congrats on your job! Looking forward to part 2!

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    1. Yes, council housing I think is getting more complicated and difficult with the new way they do it.
      When people ask me how it works, I can see the confusion in their faces.
      I don’t like private, but as for many, there is no choice with shortage of council properties. But where I currently live and my previous, I have to say my landlords have been great. But before that, places I lived before were not so good for different reasons.
      My last place had security, as they were affer a long-term tenant and where I currently live, is long term too. It’s nice to have that bit of security. Something I have not had before. 🙂


  2. my goodness but you’ve been busy! Good for you on the morning job. And for standing up for yourself! I find re-arranging furniture very therapeutic. If I’m having an issue I can’t work out I’ll just start re-arranging the furniture. Today I’m having the boundaries chat with my own mother. Can’t wait for Part 2!

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    1. Hi and thank you for your comment. This is the first time I have moved my furniture around since living here. I have wanted to do it for a while and so I did finally and I like it.

      It’s awful these boundary chats with mum’s and I would have never thought it would have come to this. But I have had enough.
      When I do feel ready to be in touch, there will be new boundary in place when it comes to texting and that’s no late texting. I shall want it where no texting after 8pm, no matter what day of the week. I shall only plan on meeting mum once a week is the other, so we shall have to alternate where we fancy.
      If I ever decide on twice a week, it will be at rare times.

      I do hope to have part 2 aired at the weekend, but can’t promise. It depends on the scenario. So all I can say is keep your eyes open and look out for it. 🙂

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  3. Oh wow, lots of goodness and things going on. Looking forward to part 2! 😉 It’s good to hear the morning job is still going smoothly and I think you’re doing well with being decisive and assertive with your mum and your boundaries. When do you head off to Oxford? I hope you have a brilliant time!!
    Caz xx

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    1. Yes, lots of things going on. A mixture of emotions. I am on a high, but same time, I am battling with low moods and I am starting to dissociate this month, which happens mostly at home. But a few episodes when out.
      I go to Oxford for the day next week. I imagine this will soon come round.

      I didn’t want to cut mum completely. But I warned her it would come to this, just to get my break I need to focus on myself and nothing else.

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