My dairy-free journey – Part 3

So I am now 11 weeks into my dairy free journey.

In my early journey of reading up more on dairy-free, I was a little stunned to discover how some people thought eggs were dairy, when they are not. I have known this from a young age, that eggs are not dairy. I can’t imagine, how this confusion came about.
Even my mum asked a few weeks into my dairy-free journey, am I ok with eggs?

I have learnt not to assume that every sandwich will have dairy in it, just because most sandwiches I have checked in the past have.
I now keep an open mind and just check the ingredients, because I nearly avoided having a sandwich in Costa, until I checked and seen it was ok.

I have lost weight

I can’t put this 100% in going dairy-free that this resulted in me losing weight. But I it’s a possibility that some of my weight lost, is partly to do with it. I know other people have said going dairy-free, resulted in some weight loss. Being dairy-free has meant less puddings, or something sweet when eating out with it being limited. It’s a good thing I guess, not being easily available, compared to if I went back to dairy.
The other to do with my weight loss will be the stress I have had, as I am known to lose weight when stressed as I have been.

I have lost half a stone, as I write this and after weighing myself recently. So I am now 10 and a half stone.
The last time I weighed me was 13th July of this year, when I was 11 stone and I have been this weight for many years.

I am happy to see I am at 10 and a half stone. I just now need to check now and again that I don’t lose anymore, as I don’t want to go under 10 stone.
In my 20’s I used to be 10 stone, until it went to 10 and a half. Then I creeped up to 11. But no more than 11 stone, I have been in weight.

So my goal is to stick to 10 and a half stone. But if I lose anymore, then to make sure I don’t go under 10 stone.

No bloated looking tummy

The one thing I noticed within the first month of going dairy free, was that my stomach no longer looked bloated.

Eating out, I am getting used to and I am finding places to cater near me, but I still feel limited.
Nottingham area seems to have more choice, from what I have been reading and from one place I had a vegan breakfast at.

Eating in is certainly easier and stress free. I feel in control, because I have access to my food labels. So I know what’s in the item.

Vegan food and chocolate

Vegan food is the best choice for me when not trusting the menu, to be sure I am having no dairy.

Local supermarkets and a local health shop sell dairy-free chocolate. But now I wanted a little bit more of a variety and so I googled vegan chocolate and I was surprised with the results.
The page I mostly refferred back to was this one: “Viva!’s Top 20 Vegan Chocolate Treats.” I felt very excited after reading it, knowing there was more interesting chocolate out there and especially, the equivalent of some of my favourites.
From there, I visited Viva!’s own shop, to look at more of their chocolate.
I ordered two chocolates.
One was called “Jokerz.” This bar was an equivalent to a Snickers bar and it so did taste like a Snickers bar. I wasn’t disappointed.
And the other chocolate, which I also enjoyed, was the “ichoc supernut chocolate bar.”

I will certainly order from Viva! again, sometime in the future.


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25 thoughts on “My dairy-free journey – Part 3

    1. Thank you for sharing Sheree.
      I was very surprised how I found my stomach to not look bloated within the month.
      I shall stick with an alternative milk, which will be soya for me. But I make sure that some of my teas are black still. I feel it is better that way for me.
      Chicken is the only meat I have, which I have occasionally.
      I certainly look and feel better for going dairy free. I don’t plan to go back to dairy.

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      1. I like my fish and I like to have it at least twice a week. But I do fail with that sometimes. I certainly like my veggies.
        I’ve seen homemade recipes for soya, or almond milk, but I am happy with store bought. I know those that do make their own, certainly rate it better.

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  1. So pleased this is working out for you, and well done for being practical about your weight loss. I haven’ been 10 stone since I left school in 1972 and know I will never see it again (LOL) but I have achieved the target I wanted and maintained it for 2 months now. My diet is not diary free though, but I am finding your posts interesting on the matter as it may affect Hubby who has reflux issues so we are on a learning curve with his diet.

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    1. I never thought I would see 10 and a half stone again. So I am happy with that. But with the walking I do, my jobs as a cleaner in a morning and evening, so active there and life’s stresses when it came to my mum, it’s now making sure I don’t go under 10 stone, if I happen to lose further weight.

      I’m glad you are finding these posts interesting. It’s certainly been a learning journey for me in parts and I imagine there will be further to learn.

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  2. 🙂 It is nice to know that you are enjoying vegan food and chocolate.

    One of the negative aspects of eating out is that one is never fully sure of all of the ingredients that the chef added to the recipe.

    When you cook your own food at home, you know exactly what it is that you are getting.

    Have a great day, Liz!

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    1. Thank you for commenting Renard. Yes, it’s the not knowing, so relying on the vegan food is mostly my preferred choice when eating out. It just shows to me more how annoying and stressful it can be for those with food allergies.

      Thank you. Have a great day yourself. I am having a lazy day of dvd’s today.

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    1. Weighing myself in stones is what I am used to. It was what I was brought up with and taught in school. Now though, they don’t use stones and instead it’s in kilos. Unless it has changed. I can’t keep up, as I know when at doctors and weighed in the past, I have asked for it in stones. X

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    1. Thank you.
      For going a short time before, cutting out some dairy products to see if it would reduce phlegm and it turning out to be nil then and for going completely dairy-free now, making my mind up a month in doing it, that I would make it permanent now, due to seeing more benefits, I know I wouldn’t go back. As difficult as it has been in parts, it’s worth it for me and I have even surprised myself for how I am taking to it in the long haul. 🙂

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      1. I have a friend who has to avoid gluten.
        Yes, it’s knowing what is right for you too suit, as you describe.
        I never had the issues of stomach pains when eating ice cream, or drinking milk. So I was lucky with all that. This was why I was kind of surprised how my stomach did not look bloated within the month of giving it up. But reducing l, or making my phlegm nil, was the main thing. Finding my stomach not bloated, that was an added bonus for me and feeling better for it.


      2. I have read while researching dairy-free of those who went gluten free. Same as you by choice and feeling better for it.


    1. Yes, I was very surprised. But I notice it can vary, depending what they have on display, as I went recently and there was nothing for me than a bag of crisps.

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