My favourite things

I was inspired to write this post after seeing and reading Hilary’s post, over at “Sereneluna.” You can find Hilary’s favourite things here.

Here are my favourite things, which I now share here. I shared this sometime back, in a comment on Hilary’s post, but I now wanted to share it here.

My favourite things:

I have one mug that is large and chunky which I bought from Sealife, some years ago. I like this because it keeps my tea hot for longer and probably holds nearly double the amount of tea to a standard mug. So less trips to the kettle, when I use it. Lol.

I like adult colouring books and have a few colouring books. I find them relaxing. I like the idea of colouring in  postcards, stickers and cards to send to friends, that I read about on Hilary’s post. So I shall have to look into that one.

I like my phone which is my communication to my family, friends and the world. This is because of me being deaf and so I can text, email, or blog from my phone.
Occasionally, I will use my computer for accessing the internet, which I tether my phone to it for internet, when needing a bigger screen. So I have to add my computer to my favourite list too. I also use my computer to watch DVD’s.

Walking is another favourite and lifesaver of mine. My walking has increased this year than any other year. It’s my escape from stresses in life. I love observing wildlife, on my passing through parks, or nature reserves.

Scented candles, or oil, as well as scented lotions is on my favourite list.

If I had my cat, Miley, she would be on the list of favourites too. But lets not forget my hamster I bought in September, who I named Daisy. I enjoy watching her.

What are your favourite things?


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21 thoughts on “My favourite things

  1. Woke up to reading this which totally made my day. Thanks for the shout-out, Liz! I love your list! ♥️ A great way to start the morning is to drink from our favorite mugs! The bigger the mug, the better hehe 😊💕

    P.S. WP says I’m not following you and I thought I was. Tbh, I’m not sure why it said that so I’m following you again.

    1. You’re welcome. Yes, there is nothing like your favourite mug. I have a couple of more favourite mugs. Those are just a normal size mug. My large chunky mug, i like to save for the afternoons and especially my lazy weekends when I don’t want to keep refilling my mug as often. 🙂

      As far as I was aware, you were following me too, when I last had a good look at my list. WP does strange things and I inow you are not the first who has had to re-follow again.

      1. WP has been acting up lately, that’s for sure. Luckily, I was notified thru the notifications, and that’s how I found your blog post. It’s always nice having a favourite mug(s) that bring you comfort and joy. I have more than one that I use as well. Have a good weekend and lazy Sunday! 😊🌺

  2. I love chunky mugs too, the more tea I can fit in, the better! Although I love the look of dainty cute vintage teacups too. Walking and pets are among my favourite things too. 🙂

    1. Thank you for sharing your favourite things. Yes, when you need more tea, there is nothing like a large chunky mug to fill more tea in, while keeping it hot for longer. 🙂

  3. What a sweet post. You have some really good picks here. So hard to pick a favorite. I have to say all my favorite things are living things like my family, cats, fish, wild doves I feed every day, and plants everywhere. Those chunky mugs are really cool too. I love cold days and giant mugs filled with hot cocoa and marshmallows. Have a great Sunday.

    1. Yes, I agree picking favourites is hard. My list would have been a bit longer if I allowed myself.
      Hot chocolate with marshmallows is a lovely comfort drink, when the weather is cold too.

    1. Yes, these kind of posts certainly give a little insight of the writer behind the blog. Thank you for reading.

      1. You’re so welcome Liz I’m sorry I’m so behind I get really behind on reading blogs but always know I am reading when I can and I do support you always XX

      2. Thank you. It’s very much appreciated. I know you have been busy with your course anyway, from reading your blog. It’s surprising what time can be taken up reading other favourite blogs. Xx

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