Chit-Chat early October

Soap hair bars

I have read posts in the past from other bloggers who have tried shampoo and conditioner bars, as an alternative to  bottles, to help reduce plastic.
A lot of these bloggers have tried these bars from Lush and they have given good reviews about them.
Like these bloggers, I have been a slow tryer of shampoo and conditioner bars.
Also, I associate Lush as expensive and so I have never been in Lush, or these similar type shops, until now.
Reading from other blog posts how long these bars have last them, compared to bottles, I expect my bars to last that long, or longer. (I am expecting longer.) So when I have used mine up, I will review in a separate post, next year.

An app to help me with my medication

I am only on asthma and hayfever medications. Both are important, but after this year with my asthma, I need to make sure I never forget to take my preventer inhaler.
When I started doing morning work, because of being up very early in a morning, it is best for me to take my preventer after my shift. This is so my doses are not close together; e.g. late in the evening and very early in a morning, when I can keep my usual late evening and mid morning doses instead.
The trouble was, I was sometimes forgetting my morning dose, after finishing work. I used a bright yellow sticky note as a reminder, sticking it on my coffee table, so that when I would sit in my usual place after work for a cuppa, I was hoping this would remind me. It didn’t work very well, because either I still forget, or I could not remember if I had took it, or not.
After speaking to a friend about this, he recommended ‘MyTherapy’ app. I have been using this app on my phone for over a month now and it has done the job. It is a good reminder if I forget, as I have my preventer inhaler listed in my app, with set times I want to be alerted.
I don’t have any doubts now whether I took it or not, because at the time of taking my medication, when it reminds me, I confirm that I have taken it.

MyTherapy app is free and it is available on the Apple app and Google play store. Click on the link below to find out more about it.

It is very easy to use and I recommend it too, if you need reminding about your medication.

My mum

As I mentioned in Chit-chat extra September, my mum had been sectioned. I seen my mum’s consultant (doctor) where she currently is, so she could ask me some questions about my mum; what she was like when her mental health was good and bad, back from the early days, to present. So they get a better picture of my mum.

When I met up with my mum’s doctor, the chat was done in a private room off the ward, as I requested.
My mum’s doctor also told me at the start that this meeting was not to judge me, or expect me to be any part of her care, when the time comes one day she is discharged, or where my mum currently is.
I said to the doctor how a few people have judged me directly, or indirectly after I announced I was having a temporary break from my mum because I cannot cope anymore. The doctor said this was wrong of them and said it’s a lot to cope with in just a day, let alone do it as I have been doing. The doctor also said like other medical professionals have said that’s it’s time to look after me and when it’s time, carers in mum’s home, or assisted living has to be accepted by my mum, if she is to avoid a care home type setting.
The doctor mentioned how more care is required to ensure there is no repeat of how mum has gone, making sure she takes her meds in which ever form they may be (injection or tablets) and, that she takes care of herself, while I remain just being the daughter and not the carer.

Mum is not being discharged anytime soon. My mum’s mental health is worser than the time she had a breakdown when I was 11 and is having injections at the moment because of how bad her mental health is.
Mum has lost a little bit more weight since she was last there in the mental health unit.
As well as the usual negative voices I am aware of that she has, mum is also hearing voices telling her not to eat.
Her doctor believes at some point that mum stopped taking her medication again, hence her deteriation. So it is possible, as I discussed with the doctor and when I mentioned it here on my blog, that when my mum behaved the way she did towards me, that triggered my childhood, when I talked about how her behaviour was the same as when I was in my teens when she stopped taking her meds then, but I believed this time round that she was still taking them, that it was possible that mum did not.

The doctor said that my mum’s mental health is that bad, that she is not at the stage to listen to anyone and accept what is normal, or not. So it couldn’t be avoided, what has now happened.
For the type of mental health my mum has, when you get older it gets either more mellow, or worse. Unfortunately, it seems mum has got worse. But hopefully, once stable, they can get her back on some kind of a healthy level. 

The doctor also mentioned to me when we chatted, that they could do the contacting where required to help me, when it comes to informing the council, pension etc.. so that I don’t have to do it. All I need to do is give them necessary information of who they need to contact. I am to do this when ready and not to rush.
I have the necessary information on me after checking, but I shall still call at my mum’s place, as I want to check her home is ok and move her mail away from her door, so it looks lived in. I also need to dispose of food past it’s date in the fridge, like milk for example.

After this, I shall make sure rest of the day is mine.


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12 thoughts on “Chit-Chat early October

    1. Thank you. I hope mum will be on the mend soon and accept changes to come regarding care she will require in some form of carers or assisted living, to ensure she looks after herself.

    1. All the staff where mum is are very good and that extra support writing letters on behalf of me to the likes of tje pension people is so nice. I can understand they do that for those that have no one, but I wasn’t expecting that myself and I wasn’t aware. I know letter writing is so simple, especially if when you have a template saved from before. But it just helps.

  1. I haven’t tried one of those bars, so I would be interested to know what you think of it.

    I just use the alarm on my phone for medication, but using something definitely helps me now.

    I’m sure that must have been a difficult conversation with your doctor, but I’m glad he listened to you and showed that he thought about your needs as well.

    1. Yes, the conversation with my mum’s doctor was hard, but she was great. Just like before and rest of the ward.
      I had to pop up to the ward today, after checking my mum’s bungalow was ok. I seen evidence to take to them, to show mum’s deteriation in her mental health that I have talked about and also mention a couple of other things that i forgot to tell her doctor at the time. I spoke with a nurse, off the ward, so I wouldn’t see her.

      The app is really good. Works for me.

      I will certainly talk about the hair soap. That will be later next year. After I have used it up.

      Thank you for reading my post and commenting.

  2. Just a quick ‘thought’ on shampoo bars. I would be hesitant simply for the fact of possible soap residue.
    Do you know why we get soap scum build up in the shower/tub? There is only one reason… soap. Want to stop soap scum buildup? Stop using bar soap and use liquid. Granted, shampoo bars are probably not made the same as body bar soap….

    1. I will do my review on my blog next year. But not quiet two weeks in, I stopped using the conditioner bar. I wasn’t happy for many reasons with that one. So just using shampoo bar until done, with my usual leave in conditioner.

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