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This post comes with a trigger warning, as it discusses suicide.
It’s a blog post re-share from Writing My Heart Out. 

It’s a post close to my heart, because as you know, my mum attempted suicide back in February.

Also, due to the effects of that hitting me later and now the struggles with my mum since, you will know I talked about being in a very dark place and that dark place was not wanting to live anymore myself.
I still have those feelings, but I am not going to act them out. I am now in tears as I type that.
I am tired, as you know of all this with my mum. I have had it long as I can remember. But the struggles came from my teens, when I was her carer in some way, until this year I said no fucking more, after I took a week off work burnt-out. And so I am now her daughter. Not her carer and due to mum’s current situation as you know, preparations will be put into place by those in charge of her care, that mum is going to have to accept when the time comes to discharge. But until we are at that place, mum unfortunately is that bad, she is not at a place to take charge of her care.

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