Counselling- I thought it be too good to be true

I have just heard from a counselling appointment and now, I have emailed to cancel it.
This was because it wasn’t local and although from Googling to see how far and not long as I thought it would be, I still don’t know where I be getting off, on bus. I would also have to time it right by getting on a bus that by the time I have got off to walk to it, I don’t make myself late. It’s bad enough what I am going for, but the anxiety to get to it.

Also, it was at a time I’d still be at work. Mum has disrupted my life enough. I’m not going to distrupt it further, by having to have time off for counselling when a more suitable time can be fixed. But that’s to think about and sort, when the counselling is more local.


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12 thoughts on “Counselling- I thought it be too good to be true

    1. I hope so too. That time of night that way, buses are less too. I be late home and very tired for next morning. My life would be distrupted more trying to fit that in where it is.
      Already had enough of disruption with my mum.

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    1. It is. I couldn’t believe it when I seen where I was to travel to. I had to read it twice, to believe it. I have contacted my work program to cancel it and query why it wasn’t local and how I don’t know the area.
      I also said if they could make sure when letting me know of another appointment that it’s accessible to me where I can text, or email them directly should I need to cancel, or change appointment.

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