My counselling has been sought

This morning for a final attempt of knowing where I stand, I emailed the NHS provider to see how long their waiting list is. Also, as my assessment would be face to face because I can’t hear on the phone and they not doing it any other way, (compared to elsewhere), would my counselling follow immediately after assessment, or would I have a further wait?

I also emailed, again, via the work provider asking for an update, today, so I know whether they are going to look for a counsellor, or not.

Last night, I emailed a private counsellor, out of curiosity to see what her waiting time was, should I choose to have counselling with her.

Finally, I know where I stand, as my counselling has now been sought and I now have a date. The ones provided via a work programme got back to me with one, checking with me first to see if this one would be ok before booking it and it was, because it was local this time. So in under 2 weeks, I will be going to my first counselling appointment.
My work place only pay for up to 6 sessions I was told at the start of asking more about the counselling service originally. But if more was needed, they could ask the employer. If it comes to this, I won’t get them to ask work, as I don’t expect work to pay for further and so should I be happy with this counsellor, I would continue and pay myself.
I have looked up this counsellor already, so I know who she is, where to go, qualifications and fees. The fees are less than a counsellor I would have gone for elsewhere. So if I do continue, I know I will have already saved money by using this counsellor, than originally the other.
I plan to have a bus ride and walk up to the street where this counsellor is based, just to be sure I know I will find it ok, before my appointment day.

Should counselling not feel right with this counsellor, I still all being well, will have the other one I queried myself, as a back up and I would make an appointment with, should I hear from that one. But I have a feeling it won’t come to that.


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