Chit-chat catch up -part 2 of 2

So part 1 was yesterday and this is part 2. If you didn’t see part 1 you can find it here; Chit-chat catch up – part 1 of 2.
For those that read part 1 yesterday, but since reading it have not been back to that post, I just want to point out my results all turned out good in the end. A short few minutes after the post aired, I went back to edit the post slightly where I talked about the results, because it did not come across clearly as I would have liked. It had taken me a long time to write that particular post, with lots of re-visits while post was in draft before being aired. Apologies for any confusion caused. I thought I’d point this out, with having readers who subscribe to my blog via email, as you would not have been aware of the edit since you received your post in your email inbox. 

Elf on the Shelf

Last year I was finding Christmas painful, as you know. Just the idea of planning or talking about this area in advance would send me in meltdown. I may have discovered it was more difficult than expected, so not being arsed to put my own tree up, or do my own Elf on the Shelf last year and having to stop blogging before December arrived. But what I discovered ended up being ok, was when someone at work was doing their Elf on the Shelf again, brought a smile to my face and I was looking forward to what it would do next. It didn’t inspire to get my own out though,but just to enjoy watching someone elses.

I didn’t join in with Secret Santa at work, because I just did not want to buy as I have planned, as well as not receive presents. But I enjoyed watching everyone else exchanging theirs and opening them, joining in with their laughter.

I wore a christmasy t-shirt and socks, on Christmas eve at work, to try and get in a bit of a christmasy mood.

Christmas t-shirt with a penguin on it and words up to snow good

I didn’t do anything else, like decorating my cleaning trolley with Christmas decorations, like the previous year.

We were allowed to start work earlier, on Christmas eve and New Year’s eve.

Dvd’s over the holiday period

I watched my dvd’s bought and saved to watch, during this holiday period. Non of them were Christmasy, but this was only because I did not come across any new Christmasy ones to watch, of this type.

Christmas lights on a street

I went with a neighbour to look at this street that decorate their homes with Christmas lights. My other neighbour was not able to join in and his leg was playing up. The lights looked lovely and I took photos for my neighbour to see. But the photos do not give it justice to what you actually see and feel from enjoying the display. The street that does this was not far from us and they do this for charity.

Here are a couple of photos from that night. I really love the snowmen in the car.


Christmas lights on a street

I bought a Peace Lily in December and a side table. My Peace Lily is where my Parlour Palm used to be and the Parlor Palm is on the side table.

These are only the two plants I have, as I killed the last of my Spider Plants last year.

I bought book, The Year of the Introvert, by Michaela Chung. I came across this book when Ashley at Mental Health @ Home did a book review on it. I started reading this from Christmas and I like this book in how it is written, so I can read it in small amounts.

I chose to have Christmas Day on my own, with meeting up with neighbour on Boxing Day for the day, where we had lunch at mine. We both contributed to our lunch and watched a few dvd’s.
I enjoyed staying in bed till nearly 10am,on Christmas Day. So it was a late breakfast, leading onto a late dinner. But I did not care. It was at my pace and I enjoyed it, with a bit of colouring, a few dvd’s and lit candles.

I also felt apprectiative knowing I had some days off work, as I needed it.

Mum has a social worker now, who first contacted me back in December to get some details about my mum, after seeing her. So early days with what happens next, as this social worker looks into things. In the meantime, mum is still on the ward and I wouldn’t expect her coming off anytime soon, unless there has been huge improvement since I last seen her. When anything changes, they will let me know anyway.


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13 thoughts on “Chit-chat catch up -part 2 of 2

    1. Thank you.
      Yes, there always seems to be high expectations at Christmas. People give themselves uneccessary stress just for Christmas and New Years Day.
      I have never gone overboard at Christmas when in the past cooking for a few people. But this Christmas gone was hugely going to be different for me and upsetting. My only plans were how I alone was going to enjoy Christmas and although I had tears, I still enjoyed how I made Christmas just for me.

      Best wishes to you as well for 2020. 😊

  1. I’m glad you were able to enjoy some positives despite the painful associations with Christmas last year . The snowmen in the car look so cute!.

  2. Glad you were able to spend Christmas the way you wanted. We used to do the rounds Christmas Eve, then come home, lock the door and hibernate for two days, just us and the dog. We still like time on our own which is good as we have no family close and those that are closest have their own lives of which we are not, and would not want to be, a part.

    1. Thank you. Yes, although difficult and emotional, I did enjoy how I wanted my Christmas
      I think if I was doing rounds on Christmas eve, I would want to hibernate for 2 days as well.

  3. That Christmas shirt of yours is so cute and plants always cheer up a room, love the two you picked. I lost a few of my spider plants last year but so far the three I have now are still hanging on. I do hate it when plants die but that is what happens, I just go out and find another to replace it with.

    1. That shirt is cute. I thought that, when I first seen it.

      The Parlour Palm I have had a couple of years abouts now and it was this plant that I thought I would end up killing. But so glad I haven’t.

  4. Just caught up on your two catch-up posts, Liz. I’m so sorry you’ve been so poorly, had such a nightmare time of it with wrong antibiotics and closed pharmacies and people that don’t seem o know what they’re doing. How’re you feeling now? With the testing, I’m glad your results were okay, but I can understand your feelings about it all. It’s a shame you’ve had to miss things because of being sick and having your results and such.

    I’m glad you got to see some Christmas lights and feel a little festive. It’s good you got to do Christmas on your terms, too, so hopefully you enjoyed some of that at your own pace.

    The lily plant looks lovely. I wouldn’t mind getting one of those. Or something green and flowery as I have nothing in my room. I’m glad your mum has a social worker now. You’ve done all you can do and you should be proud for that and for trying to focus on you. Hopefully 2020 can be more of that. Taking care of you.

    Caz xxxx

    1. Thank your Caz. Yes, it’s just focus on me now.

      The antibiotics, whatever was wrong about them was caught at time of handing to a person from the closed pharmacy at the hospital.
      She was dealing with someone else prior to me coming. So I wasn’t the only one being sent down to a closed pharmacy.

      Yes, I am all fine now since tests. A little sensitivity in my breast. But not pain. So I am basically getting on with things now.
      Antibiotics as you know can make you ill. So with that and pain I was in, it didn’t mix well.

      May 2020 be good for you, Caz. 😊

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