May 2020 be kind to you

You will notice if following me for some years, that I have not created a Happy New Year type post. This isn’t because I don’t wish it for my readers, because I do. It’s just because of how I feel about last year; struggling with the idea of Christmas and not looking too far ahead. Also, because how I feel, just coming straight out with Happy New Year feels rather fake as saying Merry Christmas, which was why I could only say as far as Seasons Greetings last year. My following words below is far as I can say as close as I can to the above I cannot say, for the New Year. I hope these words reach you kindly.

May you, my readers and my friends, find 2020 to be kind to you.

This is all I can hope for in a difficult path I am having after what 2019 became.

I can only try and cherish the small good things in 2019 and hope that 2020 gets easier on the path I am on and what ever lies ahead in the future.
I am trying to think what I would like to do this year, to have something to look forward to, with a possible aim for something else from now until 2020 to 2021.

As much as I am trying to live my life and look forward to good things, it’s hard.

For those on their own difficult paths, you are not alone. Like me, may you find many small things that make you smile this year.
Also something to look forward to, so that all the small things, build into big things, that make positive, happy feelings, to kick out the bad.


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9 thoughts on “May 2020 be kind to you

    1. Thank you Ruth. I look forward to seeing you too.
      I shall post off my letter with cheque to book that day trip, along with another day trip I plan to go on with same company.
      I will let you know when I have confirmation of my booking. 😊

    1. Thank you. I am hoping for a better year than last year.
      I am still affected by last year, but I am having counselling and I am doing some small things of my own not related to my counselling that I hope helps with motivation and moving forwards with my own life.

      Best wishes to you and your family for the year ahead. May it be a healthy and happy year for you too.

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