Why I won’t be paying things by debit card this year

There will be a couple of bloggers that may remember of the conservation I had with them last year via their blogs and mine, that I am about to have here, but a bit more in detail.
I think I may have mentioned in a post of mine once too. But can’t remember for sure on that. But with knowing I have had this conversation via a comment on one of my blog posts, means there may be other readers that remember this too.
Last year I mentioned how I ‘cocked up’ my bank account. Now these ‘cockups’ what I thought at the time happened on more than one ocassion of last year. Now out of these cock ups, there was only one, which was a very small difference that did not affect my bank account, that was my error and I spotted this with my records before it would have reflected in my account, so I was able to ammend accordingly.
But when it happened again, this time affecting me enough to occur a fee, because I didn’t spot anything before, as my records were in credit, I paid, because I assumed it was my fault again.
For some months after, I seemed to be doing well. Then it happened again. Again, because this was something of a small difference in my own records and so not affecting my bank account to result in fees because I adjusted it accordingly, I just corrected my own records. I assumed it was my fault this time. But I still couldn’t understand how I was ‘cocking up’ because I am careful with my money. I don’t spend what I don’t have. And the way I do my recored is that I am in front of my bank, because I deduct all the monthly bills in advance in my own records and anything else that comes out. So I thought, why after all these years is this happening?

Fast forward and the last few months towards near the end of last year, I did not spend anything on my debit card. I was keeping daily checks on my bank account and making notes in my records, to find everything is going fine.

I then in the last month of the year spent on a few ocsssions on my debit card; a second hand dvd, fleece underblanket for new bed, my new single bed and matress, which last two were the largest purchases. Again, with my records, I had this money. I am keeping an eye on my account as usual to see these payments are coming out and ticking them off in my records as I do and I spotted after my mattress payment came out my ‘available balance’ was much lower than it should have been. This was actually looking overdrawn, but my ‘balance’ reflected my records. So going months being fine and accurate between my own records and my online records, to not as soon as I start to use my debit card and finding ‘available balance’ is much lower than it should be. I thought this is why. And because of how this ‘available balance’ was looking, I moved over money from my ISA, (meaning that money lost out on interest) to make sure I was going to be covered, even though this I feel should not have happened because as my ‘balance’ shown, I had the money to cover it and it reflected my own records. I then Googled this issue and see it’s not just my building society, but other bank names crop up and it all boils down to however this all works behind the scenes with the bank/building societies and the business you are paying for whatever you bought.

I downloaded the app for my building society so I could see any pending, which there was, the bed, even though I could see it had come out of my account. The place I bought my bed and matress from, which I won’t name came up in the Google search, when I was researching about my ‘available balance and’ balance.’ That business is known to like take it twice. The first time when they check your funds at buying, but they don’t take it out until a bit later. When they do take it out, you have to allow so many days before their other pending payment is cleared by them and then your bank/building society, before it goes back in your account. And that’s what happened to me!

I may not have lost out in the long run and the ‘available balance’ eventually reflects my ‘balance’ and my records. Which then, I put all the money back in my ISA I had drawn out. But this shouldn’t happen. Bank balances should reflect truely. Not make you overdrawn, when the money is actually there. So yes, when it comes to paying for goods from now on, I will be paying by cash. I won’t give anyone a chance to mess up my account; the building society and businesses.

There will be a time next year with one company, that I will have to use my debit card, but when that time comes for that, or anything that crops up that I have to pay this way, then I will only use my card once in that month, to prevent too much if this activity, in case other businesses do this and then there is how my building society operates, when you use your debit card.


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14 thoughts on “Why I won’t be paying things by debit card this year

  1. This is dreadful when this happens. A few years agoI was inbetween contracts and my account money became very low. I started a new contract and was paid weekly looking forward to the end of the week to pay forthcoming bills to find I was 200 pound short, someone in the bank had taken the money it had happened a couple of times before and the bank I was using the manager stole 1 million another person involved must have been working at the bank. I complained to the bank no good they had all their excuses covered. I changed my bank account and it did not happen again.

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    1. Shocking for you to experience that and yes, not surprising they’d cover themselves up. I was watching mine for some time, to check this wasn’t the case for me. Which thankfully it wasn’t and it just the other as described in my post. But even that is wrong. So only way to beat at that, is good old fashion cash.

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  2. Being an ex bank clerk, I am always aware of our money situation and card payments. I keep a manual record and take payments off the balance when I use it, not when the bank takes it out which can be after a couple of days, especially over a weekend. Cash, phone top ups and transfers are same day, and the way the cashpoint machines show your available balance has changed because it no longer includes any overdraft facility.
    In my day, if the bank made an error and an account was erroneously debited, funds were refunded immediately. Now the customer has to wait until funds are received from the receiver, which can take a while. In the meantime, you could be running up overdraft charges. Glitches in technology affect card payments too, and sometimes they can be duplicated. If you shop on line and use your card, the company should not be holding your card details in their database, but I believe many do and simply apply a charge automatically when you next purchase.
    I appreciate my knowledge is about 20 years out of date now as cheques are paid in on apps and processed on copies, and nothing is manual anymore. I don’t trust internet banking from a potential fraud prospective (personal preference) but do use telephone banking, though refuse to register for voice recognition schemes. I never use a mobile phone for personal business as it is an unsecure line and open to cloning.
    I hope things have been sorted out for you. In my opinion, everything is too automated now and the personal element has been totally obliterated. People like me are dinosaurs.

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    1. That’s how I have always done it myself when it came to doing my own records. But it would always work out lower at my bank than it should have been. My records over the years had always been correct until I would use my debit card, which I would deduct that too as I used. So officially I had the money, but the way the bank does it, it made it wrong. They then bump my balance back up as it should, after all came out.
      But this last ocassion, I think like I read, the place I bought from did it twice. So it wasn’t until all clear, that other would be released back to me. I’m certainly not using my debit card as I once did. Cash it will be mostly now. But yes, it’s all sorted as it should have been and what you have mostly explained is what i have read.

      I can’t hear on the phone so online banking. But I was wary about using the app. I like to do from my browser. I just used the app so I could see pending. I shall delete my app and phone associated with it, now I have used it for that and continue my preferred way.

      I agree it’s gone too automated. Banking is not personal like it used to be.


      1. I loved being a cashier on the High Street. I had my regulars and several became personal friends. I got to know the pensioners and lonely souls who would come in for a chat as going to the bank was the only time they had any contact with anyone.

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      2. Yes, I can understand cashiers missing this interaction and also those that used the service of the bank, or the Post Office. I know I have read stories of those interactions pensioners like to get, because like you have said, that might be the only time they have had contact with anyone.
        And this force of trying to get us to use cash machines to withdraw money. They never thought about how this would affect the pensioners. My mum hates withdrawing money from a cash machine and would rather go to the counter to do it.


      3. I avoid the self-service checkouts at supermarkets too. I don’t care how long I wait to be served, to be served by a person, instead of machine.
        As I once said to someone who tried to encourage me at one when I was in a queue, I said “I don’t get paid to serve myself and if I wanted to do this, I would have applied for a job as a cashier. I don’t like them.”

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      4. When I was in Poundworld last year queuing, I was encouraged to use self-checkout. I told her I don’t like them. So this staff member scanned them for me. I would have continued to wait to be served, if she didn’t. I clearly don’t like them.

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