My personal achievements of 2019

This post, I reflect on last year’s achievements, to try and keep moving forward. 2019, as you know, wasn’t a year I expected.

  • For continuing, when I say no, I mean no.
  • To continue enjoying my evening job and feeling part of the team.
  • For walking 4.5 miles in July time. Longest I have walked, that I have recorded.
  • For knowing who my friends are.
  • For always fighting to keep myself going.
  • To get that morning job.
  • For making Mansfield my home, when originally I thought it wouldn’t be far away enough from my old area, I once lived.
  • For staying alive.
  • For opening up to two of my neighbours more and for enjoying their company.
  • For setting a boundary unfortunately, with one of my neighbours, after he still does the same thing. I won’t be dragged into his alcohol issues, which he has had long before I knew him. He still shows this no sign of change. I feel sorry for his very elderly parents. They don’t deserve it and I know they have had enough.
    I have had enough when a child with that. (Father.) Then there was that friend/work colleague, that I stopped being frends with before I moved to where I am now, because of her behaviour.


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