Review : Lush shampoo and conditioner hair bars

So I mentioned in a post way before Christmas that I would be trying out soap and conditioner hair bars and sharing what I thought here after I used them up.

Before I get onto that, lets start with my washing and hair care habits, before trying these.

I wash my hair three times a week using a shampoo from a bottle. I don’t stick with a particular brand, as I like to swap and change it at times, as I think it helps the hair to have a change. I also like to have a change too.
When I shampoo my hair I mostly do it just the once, but about once, or twice in a month, I may shampoo my hair twice in that wash.
A shampoo bottle, based on a 200ml bottle will last me from either to not quite 3 months, to 3 months.

I use a leave-in conditioner for my hair, which I have been using for a couple of years, because I was finding conditioner that you use after shampoo seemed to make my hair a bit greasy, or flat all of a sudden. So after trying different ones, I went with the leave-in option.
These have worked well for me, but I did mention a time last year when all of a sudden my hair was going frizzy a bit more than normal. A reader recommended Creightons Frizz No More. I never heard of this one and so I shopped for this to try before contemplating on going back to a more expensive equivalent version. I have been using Creightons since it was recommended to me and I will continue to do so, when I need to. So this is part of my hair care now.

When blow drying my hair, I will spritz on a spray to protect my hair from the heat of the hairdryer. Although at times, I may not use it.

So the above is what I usually do, before trying these Lush bars. Now onto the Lush hair bars, as pictured at the start of my post.
I bought a ‘Jason and Argan Oil Shampoo Bar and ‘Big Solid Conditioner Bar.’
The ‘Jason and Argan Oil Shampoo Bar’ cost me £8 and the ‘Big Solid Conditioner Bar’ cost me £7 at the time of buying last year. These were recommended to me out of a few others, when I spoke with a member of staff in a Lush shop. So after speaking with her and seeing what they had, I came out with those. The service was brilliant I would like to add at this store.

While using these hair bars in the shower, I had both my bars here on my shower rack, as pictured below.

Shampoo and conditioner hair bars on my shower rack

My hair routine of three times a week remained the same and during the time of using the shampoo bar, there were only two occasions where I washed my hair twice. While reviewing these hair bars, I did not use any of my usual products mentioned before, with exception of my spray to protect my hair while drying it with hairdryer.
When stopped using the conditioner bar, I then started using my leave in conditioner and Creightons Frizz No More again.

The Big Solid Conditioner Bar had a very faint smell, so would not clash with the lovely fragranced Jason and Argan Oil Shampoo Bar. It was a lovely nice size bar. This bar was bigger than my shampoo bar. I could smell the conditioner bar better when wet. But it was still a nice delicate smell.
First time using, it did not feel like any condioner was coming off the bar. I put the bar through my hair, as I have read other bloggers do.
From second time and onwards, I felt there was conditioner coming off the bar and onto my hair. But in the end, in just under 2 weeks, I stopped using the Big Solid Hair Conditioner Bar. This was because at first my hair looked like it wasn’t being conditioned, to quickly looking like there was residue in the back of my hair. And I rinsed my hair very well under the shower. More than I have ever had to do, to still see that my hair looked like there was residue in the back of my hair.
My hair texture changed. I did not like the feel of it and it was very static that all I could do was tie it back. It looked clean. But it didn’t feel like it.

The ‘Jason and Argan Shampoo Bar,’ I continued to use after I stopped using the conditioner bar.
This shampoo bar was a lovely smell and made my bathroom smell nice too. But it wasn’t an overpowering smell.
It was easy to lather up and my hair felt squeaky clean to start with. But at some point down the line, that squeaky clean feeling stopped. I only realised when I finished using the soap bar unexpectedly and, so washed my hair using shower gel and felt that squeaky clean feeling again. The shampoo hair soap finished unexpectedly because it just crumbled when getting it off my shower rack and I was dropping it all as I tried to lather it up. This is what was left, after picking it all up and putting it to one side on my sink, to take the photo.

Broken bits of hair soap bar

This shampoo soap bar lasted me 7 weeks! No saving money is it? when my shampoo bottle lasts longer at near 3 months, to 3 months.
Had the hair conditioner bar been any good, I think that bar would have still been going on strong. But only for a another week I think. The shampoo bar, I am very disappointed in how long that lasted.

So my lasting impression when it comes to shampoo and conditioner hair bars is I will stick with the bottles. It certainly wasn’t saving money when it came to the shampoo bar. But the conditioner certainly did nothing for my hair and the shampoo bar I have doubts with in the long run when it came to cleaning my hair, because using this with my hair care products, my hair still did not feel like before when using shampoo out of a bottle. So no, I wouldn’t recommend, or convert.

One day I may treat myself to a different Lush product, when it comes to my body. But certainly not my hair.


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42 thoughts on “Review : Lush shampoo and conditioner hair bars

    1. As I have mentioned in the post, I don’t particularly use certain ones. I like to swap my shampoo. But past shampoos I have used have been shops own brand, Tresemme and Herbal Essences, to name a few.
      My leave in conditioner is as mentioned in the post.

  1. Good morning Liz,
    I tried a couple over a few months, this included Lush and a few local shampoo and conditioner bars. My hairs thick and curly, and although.i was ‘happy enough’ with them, after a couple of weeks my hair either didnt seem clean enough or greasy. I’ve given them a miss too.
    I stored mine in little tubs as they kept falling apart too!
    If you want to try another shampoo at any point try Pantene pro v micellar cleanse and nourish. Its normally about £5 which is more than I like to spend but I bought it in morrisons for £2 for a 500ml bottle. Its brilliant and has a subtle vanilla/coconut scent xxx

    1. Good morning and thank you for your comment and recommendation of a shampoo.
      I have used a Pantene one before, which was a combined shampoo and conditioner. I did not like how my hair went very greasy looking, even though it was for my hair type. It was though, many many years ago, when Pantene first came out, so if I do see this on offer like you did and fancied a change, I would certainly try it. Xx

      1. Hello Liz, sorry I’m playing catch up as thought I’d replied to comments but hadn’t.
        Did you have a chance to try Pantene? I’m still using it now, and also found a toni and guy dry shampoo. That and the primark dry shampoos are by far the best I’ve had, and they both smell lovely x

      2. No. I’ve not had chance to try Pantene. My shampoo bottles last 3 months, so won’t be anytime soon and that’s if I get it on an offer. x

    2. Pantene is the only brand shampoo I would use as it really does improve the texture of your hair. If I see it on special offer I am likely to treat myself (and my head) for the duration.

      1. When you know there is something you particularly like, it’s certainly worth treating yourself to it.

  2. Really good analysis Liz on the Hair Bars. I use Elvive and change the type of shampoo and conditioner regularly. I found it reasonable priced could buy it in the supermarket. Like you I like to change the type of shampoo and conditioner. It last me about 3 months too. Not fond of Pantene my hair looked poor. Try using Olive Oil on your hair massage it in and leave for about an hour then shampoo and condition that will get get rid of the frizz.

    1. I have had Elvive shampoo too and like it. Price wise is good too, as you say.
      Thank you for the tip of olive oil. I will remember that, should I want to do that. I find the creightons is ok for me though and not expensive. Will last me ages. But I don’t always use it either.

  3. I love Lush soaps, but haven’t tried the shampoo and conditioner bars because I prefer to use a liquid. I use Tresemme shampoo and conditioner, and sometimes Garnier Fructis leave-in conditioner if my hair is feeling drier.

    1. Oh yes. Garnier Fructis, is something I have totally forgot about. I once had their shampoo I think, unless it was their leave in conditioner I used. It’s been that long, I can’t remember, but I have used something in their brand and remember liking. I am going to have to look out for theirs when next shopping.

  4. We had a Lush store on the High Street when I lived in Poole and the smell could be overpowering when you walked by.
    I never used any of their products though as I found them too strongly perfumed and being on a budget, too expensive. £7 and £8 for conditioner and shampoo bars is a bit steep, but if they worked out at value for money, then it was money well spent. Shame the shampoo bar crumbled like that. I know what you mean about conditioners though, which is why I don’t use one, neither do I use a shampoo and conditioner combi as they tend to leave my hair waxy or sticky.
    My hair is long and once in a while I’ll use a Pantene Pro V product if it’s on special offer as it does give it a boost, but not on a regular basis as it can tend to ‘go the other way’. Usually though I buy a 300ml bottle of shampoo for £1 (or even 69p!) from on of the discount stores and particularly like the white creamy coconut and lychee variety. I’m still using the Creighton’s anti frizz serum as it works for me and a little goes a long way. I recommended it to you so I’m glad it worked for you too, which reminds me, I’m on my last bottle.

    1. I used to use combined shampoo and conditioner one time years ago, but now find it’s a no go.
      Yes that Creightons is staying on my hair care list. I am happy with it. I am not always using it, but will do when I want to.
      Yes, I see Lush as expensive and certainly only a treat.
      Shampoo did not last long as I was at least expecting and so money-wise bottle wins. But I will never try another hair bar shampoo or conditioner again, no matter what brand. Liquid all the way for me.

      1. Me too Liz. When we were on the boat we were able to use a shower gel as shampoo as well which saved having to take too many bottles up the shower block when there was nowhere to put/hang them.

      2. Yes, I have put shower gel on my hair before a few times in place of shampoo, followed by my usual products and it was ok for my hair I found.

      3. It’s funny how certain scents affect different people. Hubby considers himself lucky that I can’t wear Chanel perfume. I don’t wear any at all now and have a thirty one year old bottle of Oscar de la Renta that still smells good as I’ve kept it in the dark!.

      4. Yes, it is.
        There has been one or two perfumes I have had years ago. I don’t remember names. But it wasn’t a perfume I was keen on and in addition, one of them gave me a bad headache even though I only sprayed once.
        When hayfever season is in, I find some scented, or deodorant spray products can make me sneez.

  5. This is really helpful Liz, a friend of mine asked for my opinion on LUSH shampoo & conditioner bars the other day but I was unable to offer one as I’ve never used them (or a shampoo bar of any sort for that matter.) I’ll send her your post so she can see for herself x

    1. Totally agree with you they are expensive. As much as my hair wasn’t like it used to be while continuing with bar shampoo, I wanted to continue with it, just so I could see how long it would last. I was disappointed to find it didn’t even last 3 months.

  6. That’s interesting. Thank you for sharing your thoughts on these. I’ve never tried a shampoo or a conditioner bar. I’m curious, but probably not curious enough to go and get one. I know people say they like them because there is less plastic waste, but a product has to do the job you buy it for as well, otherwise it’s not a good substitute.

    1. I read a lot of positive reviews in the past from other bloggers and either one, or two negative ones. But the positive outweighed. I tried them because of reducing plastic too and I thought there would be a saving too. But there were no saving and it did no good for my hair. So I will stick with my liquid shampoo and conditioner.

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