What are the things you have enjoyed recently?

I hope you will all join in with this and share something nice and positive from your life.
As the title of the post says, what are the things you have enjoyed recently?
For me, it’s been laughing with my work colleagues, having lunch with a friend, watching my hamster Daz and watching dvd’s.

Over to you. 😊


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28 thoughts on “What are the things you have enjoyed recently?

  1. Laughing at my dog Hope, and knowing that there have been coal tits and chaffinches in my willow tree in the front garden.

    1. Lovely things Lorraine. What’s your dog Hope been doing to make you laugh? I know dogs I have had in the past have made me laugh and bring joy. Xx

      1. Oh just being herself Liz. She had the vet come the other day to give her her jab, and she threw a cardboard box at him lol. He laughed too.

      2. Lol. That was funny of her doing that. I would have laughed too, as I have not seen a dog throw a box. But I have seen my first dog, Brin, throw a tomato and a radish, because he didn’t want that. Xx

      3. Lol. Once, one of our dogs, Sherry, was left in the car for a few minutes and she promptly ate half a pound of bacon and two tomatoes! We never let her forget it!

      4. We were only gone fuve minutes. She also helped herself to a walnut in its shell stilk, from a dish on the coffee table. She got the shell off with her teeth, then ate the nut!

      5. My parents dog Favour had a thing for walnuts and youd find the broken shells in his bed. You could leave sweets, biscuits, cake, anything on the coffee table but a dish of nuts? He’d fish out the walnuts and leave the rest.

      6. Now that was a crafty dog to do that, pinching your sausage roll, without you realising until it was too late.

      7. It was my aunt who was yakking as usual, and when she raised it to her mouth the finish it off bit her fingers! One very happy (and flaky faced) dog under the table.

  2. Spending time with family over Christmas, found it hard with one of my sons going to uni, so wonderful to have him at home for a while 😊 watching our new beautiful fluffy kitten ( vicious killing machine) madly playing 😁

    1. Yes, I would imagine that would be a change with sons going to uni. I hope you had a lovely Christmas and have fun with your fur baby. 😊 X

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