My Vision Board and Gratitude Wall

I still use my organiser as I shared in this post, Organiser and journal combined. But for 2020, I have created a Vision Board and Gratitude Wall, by buying a large whiteboard and getting things on there. Half the board is my Vision Board and the other half my Gratitude Wall.

My whiteboard which has my vision board and Gratitude on it

This will hang on my bedroom door, so I will see it morning and night, as well as any other time I am in my room. I have also added either a quote, or affirmation on my board since taking a photo of this.

The Vision Board has long term and short term goals.
The short term being my day trips I would like to go on that are near, or far, so I have something to look forward to this year.
The long term which I am basing on over the course of the next 2 to 3 years, is saving as much as I can. At the end of the 2 or 3 years, I want to see if I have saved the amount I would like to save to possibly help towards buying a house. Realistically though, it may be 3 years I more likely do it in. So if that’s the case, then another year extra I will aim for. But if I don’t manage to do this, or I choose not to continue down this route by that time, then I will look at moving privately in a 2 bed house.
Until then, I look at the houses online for sale and any that interest me, I walk to that street literally to view from the outside, so I see if my impressions change and also see if the area itself I would be happy to live in.
I have also looked at what is going for rent as well and done the same.
But if I am lucky to get a council flat in this time, that I bid on, then I will obviously take it.
The Gratitude Wall I expect to fill up, as the year progresses. I have already added further since I took a photo of this.

I hope by creating this board, that it helps to keep me motivated each day, feel a little hope and serve as a reminder of some things I plan to do, that I will be looking forward to, when things get difficult.

I hope to do this each year.

Do you use a vision board, or a gratitude board like this, or something similar?

Do you have any goals for this year?


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33 thoughts on “My Vision Board and Gratitude Wall

    1. Mine is on back of my bedroom door, so it’s just personal to me and so visitors don’t see it and just me.
      I know I have shared it here, but this board is a work in progress and it saves from a particular neighbour seeing it and asking possibly the same repetive questions each time, that would do my head in, in particular with him. Where as here, people will relate.

      1. It’s a great idea on the back of your door – and nosey-neighbour doesn’t get to see it or comment ; ) Of course it’s a work in progress – that’s what good about it, you can add whenever you think of something or jot down new goals. One might be to hone your Eff off skills, and when you get there, Eff off again. Just saying 😉 Caz x

      2. 😁 Well with that particular neighbour which is the alcholoic one, I am keeping my distance from him a bit, while he is not taking full responsibility for his actions. It’s just a cuppa, no eating in or out I will do, which I made it very clear when he was ‘beating around the bush’ about it as he apoligised beforehand and then how he was takking after.
        Not seen anything of him this week, after last texting him I am busy. So hopefully he getting the message about the not eating part. I was busy anyway, as I was out the day with a friend and going to be busy this Saturday if I set my mind to starting to paint the living room walls Friday. Saturday might be spent finishing off, depending on how I get on with it.

        Yes, a work in progress and adaptable way of doing too, so I can change as I see fit. 😊

      3. Wow! He sound a right royal pain in the backside but glad you’ve managed to keep him at bay this week. Can he hold a paint brush – or is that just too much time to have him in your home? Let us know how you get on with the painting Liz and good luck. Caz x

      4. I wonder if he could hold a paint brush sober. As for when he is pissed. No. Definitely not. I shall certainly be painting on my own, as I do.
        He is a nice neighbour and has been supportive. But clearly he is still an idiot to alcohol and really has not changed in tjat department.
        I’m aware an alcholic can slip, but this has been going on many years before I lived where I am. Hence I was wary about hanging out with him a fair bit. But I wanted to give him a chance. But with him becoming pissed that first Saturday after Christmas and supposedly going to cook me a simple meal, which he failed to finish cos he was that pissed, left me triggered and now I am dealing with my anger I have that I have not felt since my 20’s. So yes, a line has been drawn. X

      5. Aaaww, that’s awful – that you have an anger not felt since you were 20. Can I ask — how are you dealing with it? I’m glad you’ve drawn the line and I think, if he does drop by, you can tell him you don’t want to see him until you deal with the anger, at least.

      6. I usually walk the anger off and cleaning can help too. But that first day from when it happened, I just could not shift the worst of it by that. Not even by dvds. But dvds did distract me from it at least.
        That little bit I have left, I am just trying to get on with my daily things and looking at my visionboard that serves as my reminder. I also mention this in my counselling sessions.

      7. Well walking is normally my way of doing. But I ‘m sure I will be talking about it in counselling again next week. It’s not as pent up as it was. But there is still some there. I feel not meeting up with neighbour is also best bet for me at the moment too. Just stick with hello on passing, if I see him.

    1. Thank you. This board has certainly changed a bit more since taking a photo of it, adding more words to both sides of the board as I progress with it, to keep the motivation going and as an aid in what I want to do and, when and the other achieving the long term goal.

  1. Such a good idea Liz, especially the gratitude board. We keep a calendar on the wall in the kitchen as we have so many appointments that are scheduled in advance. It wasn’t unusual to receive 2 or 3 at Christmas so they were utilised for different things, the one in the bathroom being for weight monitoring. Now we don’t receive any so buy one ourselves as it’s a must because our memories aren’t what they were!

    1. Thank you. I know me having this whiteboard will be so flexible for the years to come, with whatever I put on it. But for now, over the next 2/3 years it will definitely have goals. Whether the gratitude part will be there next year, will depend on how I want to use my board. But this year it will. 😊

  2. This is fab! I like that it allows you to modify it and update it, adding or changing as time goes by. I’ve never done one but it’s another one of those things where I think ‘yeah, I’ll give that a go’ and somehow never do.. I need motivation to do a motivation board! 😂I hope these can be beneficial for you, Liz.xx

    1. Thank you Caz.
      Yes I have been debating these past few months until near end of December I seen the perfect size whiteboard where I was least expecting of that size and I thought, I’m doing it now. So I picked up that and the pens for it. Soon as I put my things away, I started on that.
      It’s working so far for me, including on a couple of difficult days I had. Xx

    1. Thank you. Hope it’s inspired something for you that you could create, whether using a whiteboard, or a collage of photos and words meaning something to you.

  3. I really like your vision board and that you drew your dreams/goals by hand. Years ago I made a board using magazine clippings. Right now I use sticky notes for my long-term goals. They’re plastered all over my wall, both short-term and long-term. 😆

    Whenever I make vision boards, I tend to have a better outlook on things. Vision boards can be really useful – whether it’s magazine clippings, drawing, a digital board etc. It helps if it’s something visual that you can look at everyday. 🙌

    1. Thanks for sharing about yours. Yes, visual helps and having it placed somewhere you can see. It’s the first time have done this and finding it helps so far seeing it each day; morning and night. 😊

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