My answers to Fibbing Friday – 24th January

It’s Fibbing Friday and the theme is cats. My goodness, to say I am a cat lover, I was finding this a little tough for my fibbing answers hard. 😁

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Ok… So here I go with my answers.

1. Why did ancient Egyptians worship cats? They thought they were goddesses.

2. Why is it said that cats have nine lives? I think someone lost count, because they have more than 9 lives.

3. Why are cats afraid of cucumbersWhen they have a cucumber placed right behind them, they have every right to jump and be suspicious.

4. Why do cat eyes seem to glow in the dark? They are vampires.

5. Why do cats have retractable claws? They are re-sharpening them.

6. Why do we train cats to use a litter box, but train dogs to go outside? My goodness. Think of the mess if we had and the room they would need. They would need a room to themselves.

7. Why do cats purr? A good sign they are fine and working.

8. Why are black cats considered bad luck? I don’t think they are unlucky. But if going out in the night, they need a refective jacket.

9. What is the musical, Cats about? The obvious as the title says. But it’s a long one.

10. What’s the big deal about Dick Whittington’s cat? Had a strong stomach.

15 thoughts on “My answers to Fibbing Friday – 24th January

    1. I adore cats too, but I am an animal mad person. Just had mote cars than any other pets in my lifetime so far.

      1. Past pets over the years at different times, from childhood, have been canaries, budgies, goldfish anda dog in childhood. Late teens, 2 dogs. As an adult, 2 cockatiels, 2 hamsters (counting one I currently own) and cats.

        Cats are intriguing. 😊

      2. I shown strong interest in animals from when I was 8. Whether domestic, or wildlife.
        By my teens, I could name birds in the wild I seen. Not all, but wuite a few, expanding my knowledge in my 20’s. But with not using that knowledge over the years, I have lost some knowledge. Now I have a nature reserve nearby to walk through and my bird books to identify some birds I did not know, or ones I had forgotten, I am hoping to retain.

        I used to have knowledge of dog breeds. But lost some of that knowledge with not requiring it.

      3. They are, aren’t they. 😁
        I would have a cockatiel again, while not in a position of being able to have a cat, but any bird is not ideal for me, as it does irritate my asthma.
        Asthma came later in life, so hence the birds I had never bothered me then.

    1. Thank you. I had fun answering them, regardless I found it surprisingly tough thinking of my answers. 😊

  1. Good answers and fun to read. I really liked # 3 & # 4.
    I was thinking the same thing with these questions. It was hard to think up wrong answers when I know the real answers! 🙂

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